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Experience Epic Brass

Jack Howard, the man behind the distinctive Hunters and Collectors Horns of Contempt, presents Epic Brass!

With his new show, Jack will be performing the great horn hits and hidden gems from the golden age of Australian Rock.

Think Midnight Oil, The Saints and Hunters and Collectors; plus some of the finest left-of-centre gems from The Laughing Clowns, X, The Wet Taxis and more.Epic Brass Poster

The Epic Brass Band is truly epic and features Sean Kelly (The Models), Ron Peno (Died Pretty), Paulie Stewart (Painters and Dockers), Steve Lucas (X), Penny Ikinger (Wet Taxis) and Fiona Lee Maynard.

Jack will be joined by some of Melbourne’s finest to present these classic songs.

Don’t miss this unique and sensational show!

Date: Saturday the 9th of July 2016.

Time: Doors 7:30pm; show from around 8:40pm to 11pm with intermission.

Venue: The Memo Music Hall, 88 Acland Street, St Kilda (enter via Albert Street).

Tickets:$35 for reserved; $28 general admission from Memo Music.

A Foggy Night video still

Join The Passing Parade

Jack Howard has had his Prince moment with his latest release, the beautiful 6-track EP, The Passing Parade. Performed, produced, programmed and written by Jack, it’s at once familiar yet full of new sounds and voices.

Jack’s long-time compadre, Nicky Del Rey, features with typically brilliant and inventive guitar and Heather Michael (from Jack’s Bacharach band) adds some divine backing vocals; but the rest is all Jack – the rich voice and trumpet, the subtly arranged horns, the big choruses.

The opening track, A Foggy Night, starts with the swirling sound of four reverb-soaked flugel horns from which emerge a simple electronic beat and twisted guitars. The words tell a tale of late night yearning and empty freeways.

Six tracks – from the anthemic Simple Men and the drama of Don’t Freeze Me Out – and Jack continues to offer up high-quality, engrossing, genre-free music.

Join The Passing Parade in CD and or digital form at Jack’s Bandcamp.

Out now!

Hunters Live


Over 1200 gigs. Over 1,000,000 albums sold. 19 hit singles and 16 hit albums.

Welcome to True Believers – the comprehensive fan managed official website for the great Australian rock band Hunters and Collectors.

Formed in Melbourne in 1981, the Hunna’s became central to Australian culture through their distinctive brass rock sound and rigorous touring of the pub circuit. Disbanding in 1998, they left behind great memories and an impressive back catalogue.

We have something for everyone:

Mark Seymour (vocals, lyrics) and Jack Howard (trumpet, backing vocals) have comprehensive solo careers that we follow here at True Believers.

Hunters Equipment

John’s Tabs

*** 21 November 2015 Update – Tabs for the full Jaws of Life album are now available! ***

*** 15 June 2015 Update – Tabs for the full Human Frailty album are now available! ***

Play the electric guitar? keyboards? trumpet? bass guitar? drums? gas cylinder?

Hunters and Collectors bass player John Archer has been creating complete tabs for many of our favourite Hunters tracks for True Believers!

The tabs are presented as MIDI files, which, using free software, you can see every note in every song for every instrument.

Click here for the tabs!

Mayday feature

Mayday Arrives!

Mark Seymour and the Undertow are back with an album drawing together our common humanity through thirteen new classics.

Mark explains:

I’ve reached a point in my career where I feel compelled to declare my hand. We are living in dark times and I cannot ignore the suffering around me. The songs on ‘Mayday’ reach a lot further into how I see the world. They illustrate my beliefs and above all, my lasting faith in Humanity. Some may find the songs on this album too demanding. They are, without doubt, deeply emotional. I think it has been the hardest record to make and definitely the most personal. ‘Mayday’ is deeply emotional. There are many anthems. People know my politics. I don’t retreat from that. The Undertow is powerful expressive rock band. We are very proud our work.

This is the best album to date of Mark’s solo career. Beyond the exceptional production is the most cohesive and compelling set of songs we have seen from Mark, backed by indisputably the most challenging and engaging lyrics of Mark’s career. If you only grab one album this year, make it Mayday.

Out NOW!

Buy digitally at i-Tunes
Buy on CD at JB Hi-Fi
Buy on CD at Sanity


Online Hunna’s Merch Tent!

The 2014 tour may be over but you can still get hold of the coolest merch around…

All Hunters and Collectors 2014 Tour Merchandise can be purchased online from Band T-Shirts. There are t-shirts in classic and tour designs, an array of AFL scarves, caps, tea towels, posters, stickers and our personal favourites – stubbie holders and drink coaster sets!

There has not been array of cool merch like this from the band in a generation!

Click here for Hunna’s Merch!

Vault Picture

From The Vault

Stepping out of the airport mid-July, the true horror of Melbourne winter hits you. It is early afternoon yet barely ten degrees, the wind blows through you and the light rain aimlessly drifts down at 45 degrees. This sort of environment is comforting when you are in town to help digitise a few hundred tapes that have sat in dark, cold Melbourne cupboards for up to 32 years.

The fruits of this project are now here for fans to enjoy through From The Vault. Every week we present a new, random track from the archives, spanning all the way back to pre-Hunters in 1980 through to today. It’s all here and it’s awesome.

Click here for the latest from The Vault!