Mayday feature

Mayday Arrives!

Mark Seymour and the Undertow are back with an album drawing together our common humanity through thirteen new classics.

Mark explains:

I’ve reached a point in my career where I feel compelled to declare my hand. We are living in dark times and I cannot ignore the suffering around me. The songs on ‘Mayday’ reach a lot further into how I see the world. They illustrate my beliefs and above all, my lasting faith in Humanity. Some may find the songs on this album too demanding. They are, without doubt, deeply emotional. I think it has been the hardest record to make and definitely the most personal. ‘Mayday’ is deeply emotional. There are many anthems. People know my politics. I don’t retreat from that. The Undertow is powerful expressive rock band. We are very proud our work.

This is the best album to date of Mark’s solo career. Beyond the exceptional production is the most cohesive and compelling set of songs we have seen from Mark, backed by indisputably the most challenging and engaging lyrics of Mark’s career. If you only grab one album this year, make it Mayday.

Out NOW!

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HC Live

2014 Tour Box Sets!

*** 10 June Update – If the photos are missing from your box set, let us know by e-mail to or via the Contact Form ***

*** 12 May Update – Mailing has commenced and box sets are arriving!***

*** 1 March Update – Box Sets are in production ***

*** 21 January Update – Box Sets are SOLD OUT ***

Limited edition 2014 tour ‘Final Live’ Hunters and Collectors box sets are available at PledgeMusic!

The way this works is that you ‘pledge’ to buy a pack – and then it goes into production! Pack prices include postage.

  • AU$16: 12 track digital album (mp3 or FLAC) with a selection of 12 tracks from the Enmore (tracks 1-6) and Palais (tracks 7-12) – unlimited.
  • AU$50: 12 track digital album as above with exclusive t-shirt (500 sets available).
  • AU$150: 4CD box set of two full gigs, one from the Enmore in Sydney and the other the Palais in Melbourne; digital download of the 12 track version of the album; t-shirt; keyring; authenticity certificate and tour photographs (500 sets available).
  • AU$250: The $150 set as above plus your name immortalised on the authenticity certificate for helping make this project happen (only 50 sets available).
  • AU$500: The $150 set plus the box set personally signed to you on the front by all band members (only 12 sets available).


Jack - Look of Love header

Jack’s ‘The Look Of Love’ Out Now

Jack Howard and the Ambassadors of Love present seven highlights from their recent The Look of Love shows!

From Jack himself…

Our Bacharach and David adventure began in December 2012 when we performed Burt Bacharach’s Reach Out from start to finish as part of Pure Pop’s summer of classic albums. Full of cool orchestral arrangements, dashes of percussion and soaring chorus vocals, the 1967 record was a labour of love for Burt and it took him away from the more well-known Dionne Warwick versions of these immortal tunes.

We’ve adapted the songs to our own needs and introduced a whole lot more into our “The Look Of Love – The Songs Of Bacharach and David” show, which has been selling out regularly around town.

The band is exceptional and holds on to the heart and soul of this timeless music.

Click here to buy on bandcamp in digital or CD form!

Hunters MCG


Over 1200 gigs. Over 1,000,000 albums sold. 19 hit singles and 16 hit albums.

Welcome to True Believers – the comprehensive fan managed official website for one of the greatest Australian rock bands of all time – Hunters and Collectors.

Formed in Melbourne in 1981, the Hunna’s became central to Australian culture through their distinctive brass rock sound and rigorous touring of the pub circuit. Disbanding in 1998, they left behind great memories and an impressive back catalogue.

We have something for everyone:

There are no plans for further concerts. 2014 recordings from the Enmore and Palais can be purchased on a strictly limited basis from PledgeMusic. We also have a great collection of recent tour photographs for fellow travelers also still on a high from the 2014 gigs!

Mark Seymour (vocals, lyrics) and Jack Howard (trumpet, backing vocals) have comprehensive solo careers that we also follow here at True Believers.


Online Hunna’s Merch Tent!

The 2014 tour may be over but you can still get hold of the coolest merch around…

All Hunters and Collectors 2014 Tour Merchandise can be purchased online from Band T-Shirts. There are t-shirts in classic and tour designs, an array of AFL scarves, caps, tea towels, posters, stickers and our personal favourites – stubbie holders and drink coaster sets!

There has not been array of cool merch like this from the band in a generation!

Click here for Hunna’s Merch!

Vault Picture

From The Vault

Stepping out of the airport mid-July, the true horror of Melbourne winter hits you. It is early afternoon yet barely ten degrees, the wind blows through you and the light rain aimlessly drifts down at 45 degrees. This sort of environment is comforting when you are in town to help digitise a few hundred tapes that have sat in dark, cold Melbourne cupboards for up to 32 years.

The fruits of this project are now here for fans to enjoy through From The Vault. Every week we present a new, random track from the archives, spanning all the way back to pre-Hunters in 1980 through to today. It’s all here and it’s awesome.

Click here for the latest from The Vault!

Hunters Equipment

John’s Tabs

*** 15 June 2015 Update – Tabs for the full Human Frailty album are now available! ***

Play the electric guitar? keyboards? trumpet? bass guitar? drums? gas cylinder?

Hunters and Collectors bass player John Archer has been creating complete tabs for many of our favourite Hunters tracks for True Believers!

The tabs are presented as MIDI files, which, using free software, you can see every note in every song for every instrument.

Click here for the tabs!