Jack Howard – Day of the Dog

Day of the Dog (cover)

Day of the Dog (cover)


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Jack’s sixth full length studio album features muscular band grooves, soaring melodies and Jack’s soulful vocals and trumpet.

Released In: [Australia / NZ].

Release Date: 18 April 2014.

Australian Chart Position: N/A.

Availability: Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital forms.

Value: A$15-A$30.


Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Independent Australian CD album.

Album length: 61 minutes, 38 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -10.37dB (2014).

  1. Try Again 
  2. Royal Reserve
  3. The Lark Ascends 
  4. The Dog Song
  5. Will I Fall?
  6. Let’s Fall In Love 
  7. Sweet Hand of Mercy
  8. Shut It Down
  9. In Their Minds
  10. Faraway
  11. Midnight
  12. Is It Real?
  13. The Dog Descends (DJ Resting Ruckman remix)



Over 2012/13, Jack Howard slowly but surely re-fashioned his old Long Lost Brothers band into a powerhouse of sultry grooves, soaring melodies, electrifying horns and richly inventive guitars.

With Mark Ferrie from The Models on bass, the brilliant Ed Bates on pedal steel, riffmeister Nicky Del Rey on guitar plus the rocksteady Cal McAlpine on drums, Jack hit the studio in August 2013 to make his latest CD, Day Of The Dog.

Recorded at Hothouse Studios in St. Kilda with Craig Harnath and Jez Giddings, the band belted out the twelve songs on the record in one inspired Saturday. The Token Youths horns made their awesome presence felt the day after, and then Jack let ring with the finest vocals of his rich and varied career.

Jack has been described as “one of the great quiet achievers of Australian music”. As well as being an integral member of Hunters and Collectors, he’s performed or recorded with Midnight Oil, The Living End, Rodriguez, The Violent Femmes, The Break and a host of others. Most weekends, you’ll find him out and about in Melbourne playing somewhere somehow.

Day Of The Dog puts the focus firmly on Jack’s unique position as singer/trumpeter/songwriter of soulful and heartfelt music. Songs such as Royal Reserve, The Lark Ascends and Sweet Hand Of Mercy roll on with lush band grooves, gorgeous orchestration and rich lyric imagery.

Day Of The Dog is sometimes reminiscent of his old band, H & C, but at its best, it beats a new drum that follows Jack Howard & The Long Lost Brothers’ fine combination of power, melody and heart.



Liner Notes

released 18 April 2014
Jack Howard – vocals, trumpet, flugel horn
Nicky Del Rey – guitars, backing vocals
Mark Ferrie – bass
Ed Bates – pedal steel
Cal McAlpine – drums
plus The Token Youths horns –
Tristan Johnstone – trombone
Rob Wardrop – alto sax
and Will Morissey – tenor sax

Recorded and mixed by Jez Giddings at Hothouse, St. Kilda, August 2013.
Co-produced by Jack and Craig Harnath
Mastered by Jack The Bear at Deluxe Mastering
Artwork and design by Mark Ferrie. Front cover photo – Flynn Howard