Jack Howard – Royal Reserve


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Studio  3:23 Jack Howard Day of the Dog album. Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital form.

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I’m feelin’ kind of vague, I’m not the man I was
Never was a sage, I was the man I’m not
Don’t ask me for advice, ask me for the score
So insensitive, less is always more

So seize the day, you reckless fool
Royal reserve won’t get you anywhere

Let’s go down to the beach, make love beneath the stars
Howl up to the moon, release the beast within
Drink until it’s dawn, don’t fight it anymore
Je ne regrette rien, a life without remorse

But can’t you see, Je regrette tout
Joie de vivre, it’s not the life for me
So seize the day, be a reckless fool
Royal reserve won’t get you laid tonight

Holed up on the couch, the cat your only friend
The rat is on the wheel, the wheel it never ends
A knock upon the door, pretend you’re not at home
The echoes down the hall, it’s cool to be alone