Jack Howard – The Dog Song


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Studio  3:56 Jack Howard Day of the Dog album. Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital form.

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The dog sat staring at a point beyond the wall
And she’d been like that all day
Like a compass stuck on southwest, her attention was magnetised
Like a scene from Poltergeist

I started to listen to the noises of the night
And I kept my baseball bat close at hand
Suddenly, the sprinklers sprayed into action
At the same time, the security lights burst on

Still the dog didn’t waver, there was a language to these signs
That I was yet to decipher
Think man think – recall that final conversation
Oh, just think man think – recall that final conversation

Just as I was about to drift off
Nerves on edge, a shadow crept by
A knock on my window, a rattle of keys
A hiss and a curse, it’s me, it’s me