Is There Anybody In There? extended mix

Stuart : 12 April 2016 18:12 : Vault

Source: Is There Anybody In There Australian 12″ vinyl single.

Here’s a rare extended mix of Is There Anybody In There?, previously only found on vinyl – the Australian 12″ Is There Anybody In There? and US promotional 12″ Throw Your Arms Around me singles. Is There Anybody In There? was the fourth and final single from the classic 1986 Human Frailty album.

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The Word live jam

Stuart : 2 April 2016 11:17 : Vault

Source: 1982 08 01 Tivoli, Adelaide, Australia T2 Cassette.

From the depths of obscurity, here’s a brief jam from The Fireman’s Curse era that gets abandoned half way through!

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Into A Corner rehearsal

Stuart : 26 March 2016 14:51 : Vault

Source: 1989 01 01 Ghost Nation Rehearsals VHS PCM.

Here’s a rough demo of an unreleased song, Into A Corner, created in the process that was 1989’s Ghost Nation album 🙂

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Mark – In The Kitchen Of A Perfect Home demo

Stuart : 20 March 2016 21:51 : Vault

Source: 2001 Demos (CD).

After One Eyed Man but well before the Embedded album, Mark recorded some demos that we are fortunate to be able to share one of day! Here is an early incarnation of In The Kitchen Of A Perfect Home, which later appeared on Embedded!

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Almost A Part Of Me demo

Stuart : 16 March 2016 18:30 : Vault

Source: 1991 04 21 Cut Demos VHS PCM.

Here’s a demo from the Cut album that remains unreleased to this day… observant collectors may note that back in 2013 we shared a polished studio version of this song as a Vault track!

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Easy rough mix

Stuart : 6 March 2016 10:20 : Vault

Source: 1993 12 Demon Flower Roughs T2 Cassette.

Later the first single off 1994’s Demon Flower album, here’s an early rough mix of Easy!

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The Jetsonnes – Sweatshop live

Stuart : 28 February 2016 13:28 : Vault

Source: 1980 06 Jetsonnes – Richmond Cassette.

Before Hunters and Collectors, there was… The Jetsonnes! Here’s the poppy Sweatshop, performed live in Richmond back in 1980.

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When The River Runs Dry original mix

Stuart : 21 February 2016 17:25 : Vault

Source: 1989 Ghost Nation Original Mixes Cassette

Continuing our path through Jack’s Ghost Nation original mixes tape… here’s the biggest hit from the album, When The River Runs Dry. There is a small glitch in this one, but it’s 99.5% here! 🙂



Jack Howard – Fear of Flying

Stuart : 14 February 2016 09:09 : Vault

Source: Reliving Life to the Full digital album

In celebration of Jack Howard’s return, here is an early recording of Fear of Flying that appears on the Reliving Life to the Full album. Jack has a brand new EP The Passing Parade out in one week that can be checked out at at . Cheers!

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The Ballad of the One Eyed Man live acoustic

Stuart : 7 February 2016 10:21 : Vault

Source: 1997 10 04 Mark (with Nick), Govenor Hindmarsh, Adelaide, Australia DAT

Here is a live recording of a classic Mark Seymour track, The Ballad of the One Eyed Man, that would later appear on his ARIA award winning 2001 album One Eyed Man. The recording here is from only weeks after the incident recalled in the song occurred – Mark being bashed in Kings Cross. Mark’s brother Nick can also be heard doing this thing on the bass here at the Governor Hindmarsh in Adelaide.


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Der Rodeo live practice

Stuart : 30 January 2016 18:08 : Vault

Source: 1981 06 09 Band Practice, Seaview Ballroom T2 Cassette.

Occasionally we get requests for something completely unheard from very early in the tale. This is about as early as it gets…  a band practice track called ‘Der Rodeo’ from June 1981, less than one month after the live debut of Hunters and Collectors. Recorded at none other than the Seaview Ballroom.


Bull In A China Shop demo

Stuart : 23 January 2016 15:12 : Vault

Source: 1991 04 21 Cut Demos VHS PCM.

Here’s a demo created on the long path towards 1992’s Cut album to brighten your afternoon! 🙂

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The Way You Live original mix

Stuart : 15 January 2016 16:51 : Vault

Source: 1989 Ghost Nation Original Mixes Cassette

Here’s another brassy Ghost Nation original mix from Jack’s tape. It’s The Way You Live – later the third charting hit single from 1989’s Ghost Nation album.

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Droptank live 1982

Stuart : 9 January 2016 11:29 : Vault

Source: 1982 09 19 Stranded, Sydney, Australia T2 Cassette

Back in late 1982, Hunters and Collectors followed up their self titled EP with the Payload EP, along with a remarkable sonic improvement on the vinyl. Only one of the four EP tracks has not appeared live in The Vault so far — Droptank! Thank the ultra observant fan Matthew for suggesting this one!


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Never Say Never

Stuart : 5 January 2016 12:05 : Vault

Source: 2008 Tracks for Rarities Disc (CD).

Here’s an offcut — a song recorded for the Cut album that never made it onto the final release 🙂

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Talking To A Stranger live 1982

Stuart : 26 December 2015 09:31 : Vault

Source: 1982 08 01 Tivoli, Adelaide, Australia T2 Cassette

Here’s a slightly different, raw early live recording of Talking To A Stranger to brighten your post-Christmas/Festivus condition. This was a request from Jeff and Stephen!


Dog live 1985

Stuart : 19 December 2015 12:58 : Vault

Source: 1985 08 15 Melbourne State College, Melbourne VHS PCM

Here is an early live recording of Dog, that would later appear on the Human Frailty album and become a well known Hunnas classic. This version is longer and has different lyrics… it’s still a work in progress at the time! This is Robyn, Dave, Phil and everyone else who requested it 🙂


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Back in the Hole, live 1994

Stuart : 11 December 2015 21:14 : Vault

Source: 1994 01 09 Playroom, Tallebudgera (2nd Night), Qld, Australia DAT

Here’s a live recording of Back In The Hole from the old Playroom on the Gold Coast! This one is a request from Leigh…!


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World of Stone live

Stuart : 6 December 2015 18:30 : Vault

Source: 1981 12 13 Festival Theatre, Adelaide, Australia T2 Cassette

By request, the first song from the first EP, found here live in 1981! Have a great Sunday evening!

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Mark Seymour – Classrooms and Kitchens live 2015

Stuart : 28 November 2015 18:39 : Vault

Source: 2015 08 15 Old Museum, Fortitude Valley, Australia

This is beautiful… a Mark Seymour and the Undertow soundboard recording of Classrooms and Kitchens from Brisbane’s Old Museum in August. Mark’s daughter Eva can be heard on backing vocals. The original recording can be found on 2011’s Mark Seymour and the Undertow album.

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