Mark Seymour – Embedded Era Promo

Embedded era promo (cover)

Embedded era promo (cover)


Information: A promotional CD of Mark Seymour’s solo work used outside of Australia during the Embedded era (2005).

Released In: [outside Australia / NZ].

Release Date: February 2005.

Australian Chart Position: (Promo Only).

Availability: Extremely rare. Not available new.

Value: A$20-A$30.


Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Liberation Records Australian one CD album.

Total CD album length: 56 minutes, 52 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: N/A.

  1. A Shoulder To Cry On 
  2. Try Not To Try 
  3. Last Ditch Cabaret 
  4. One Eyed Man 
  5. The Ghost Of Vainglory 
  6. Left Alive 
  7. Paradise Down Under
  8. Long Way Down
  9. In The Kitchen Of A Perfect Home
  10. Sad Songs 
  11. Home Again 
  12. 43 In The Shade 
  13. Made Man 
  14. Ready To Go


Original studio source of songs on this compilation album:



This promotional compact disc was being handed around during Mark Seymour’s promotional tour of Canada in March 2005. The compilation exclusively contains studio album tracks.


Liner Notes

(P) & (C) Mark Seymour

Under exclusive license to Liberation Music for Australia and New Zealand.