What have The Wiggles and Hunters & Collectors got in common?

An article about Barry Palmer creating the latest app for children’s musical group The Wiggles.

Author:  John Stanley and Erin Molan, 2GB 873AM.

Date: 3 November 2018.

Original URL: https://www.2gb.com/what-have-the-wiggles-and-hunters-collectors-got-in-common/


Article Text

An app!

Well, specifically, Baz Palmer, former lead guitarist of the iconic Aussie band, who’s now a tech entrepreneur.

And his company, Weyo, is behind the latest Wiggles app, The Wiggles – Fun Times With Faces.

It uses world leading technology, allowing big and little kids to engage with the interactive features, including “Animoji 3D masks”.

But when you’ve got someone like Baz on the show, you can’t not break out into some song…and that’s exactly what John and Erin did.