Jack Howard – Sydney (I Really Wish That You Were Here Tonight)


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Studio  4:28 Jack Howard LightHeavyWeight album. Moderately common. Available new in digital and vinyl form.

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I’m holed up in some flash hotel
A long, long way from home
Hermetically sealed with my bathrobe and my TV
So much anticipation and then the letdown
You live but you don’t learn

I wandered down to the concert
The glitter and the lights
Two types of nostallgia, three forms of regret
But like a phantom limb, I see you in mind
Eyes closed, your silky voice
But your perfume is missing

I really wish that you were here tonight

Back in the hotel room
Staring in the endless mirror
The fracturing of the TV light, the toxic loop
And the endless restlessness

I realy wish that you were here tonight