Jack Carty right at home in Bellingen

Article about Mark’s upcoming tour and album Roll Back The Stone.

Author: Iain Shedden, The Australian.

Date: 18 March 2017.

Original URL: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/review/jack-carty-right-at-home-in-bellingen/news-story/8c465d7364eb7552d52e81780d4c0f73


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In the light of recent pleadings by animal rights group PETA, Hunters & Collectors have gone ahead and changed their name — to Mark Seymour! Not strictly true, actually, but the singer is going out on the road under his own name with a new recording that traces his career in and out of the band that made him famous. Seymour and his band the Undertow recorded the new album Roll Back the Stone 1985-2016 over three nights in the Scrap Museum at Bakehouse Studios in Melbourne. As well as material from their illustrious back catalogue, there are also reworkings of Hunnahs classics, including Say Goodbye, When the River Runs Dry, What’s a Few Men?, Everything’s on Fire and the inevitable Throw Your Arms Around Me. The album is out on Friday and to promote it Seymour and the Undertow will be touring through the winter, starting in Hobart on June 24.