PETA asks Australian rockers Hunters & Collectors to change their band name

Article about the PETA request for Hunters and Collectors to change their name.

Author:  9 News.

Date: 2 March 2017.

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Animal rights group PETA has launched an ambitious request to have Australian rock band Hunters & Collectors change their band name.

In a letter to the band, PETA Australia asked the group to do their part in discouraging the hunting of animals, ahead of the duck-hunting season, which begins from mid March.

“We feel sure that it was never your intention to promote the killing of intelligent, sensitive and defenceless animals, but your name nevertheless may make hunting season seem appealing to your fans,” PETA’s associate director of campaigns, Ashley Fruno wrote.

The band is due to hit Adelaide with a reunion show, prompting the organisation to suggest the perfect time for a “namelift”.

“Might you consider ‘Hunters & Collectors of Antiques’, ‘Hunters & Collectors of Vinyl Records’, or even ‘Hunters & Collectors of Beer Cans’ as possible replacements?” Ms Fruno suggested, adding a social media campaign could be launched to get fans on board with suggestions.

“Do you see what we see?” Ms Fruno added, in reference to the band’s hit song Do You See What I See.

“By agreeing to change your name, you would help raise awareness of the cruelty inherent in hunting waterbirds and give ducks a fighting chance.”

It is unclear whether the band will respond, or instead turn a Blind Eye to the unusual request.

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