PETA Has Requested That Hunters & Collectors Change Their Name

Article about the PETA request for Hunters and Collectors to change their name.

Author:  Sam Murphy, Music Feeds.

Date: 2 March 2017.

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Hunters & Collectors have gone by that name for almost four decades but now animal activist group PETA have requested that they change it to something that’s less associated with duck hunting.

PETA Australia Director Of Campaigns Ashley Fruno penned a letter to the band and posted it on the internet respectfully asking that they consider a name change.

“Would you consider changing the name of your brand to discourage people from hunting animals,” Fruno wrote in bold.

You’d think Hunters & Collectors would now be more likely to encourage rowdy karaoke sessions but Fruno is positive a name change could help change the ways of hunters during hunting season which starts next week.

“We feel sure it was never your intention to promote the killing of intelligent, sensitive, and defenceless animals, but your name may nevertheless make hunting seem appealing to your fans,” she further wrote.

Admittedly, the stats attached to the letter would make you consider a name change.

Nearly 30,000 waterbirds are killed during hunting season. One in four of every duck shot by hunters are left to die “slowly and painfully”. Furthermore, the waterbird population in this country is at its lowest in 34 years.

Interestingly, 34 years ago was around the time Hunters & Collectors released their debut album which means the waterbird population actually increased after the release of it.

Hunters & Collectors will play a one-off show in Adelaide on Saturday and Fruno reckons they could debut their new name then.

She’s also thrown in a few suggestions including “Hunters & Collectors Of Antiques” and “Hunters & Collectors Of Beer Cans.” Both names that fall right off the tongue.

The band is yet to respond to the letter.

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