PETA nannies must be joking

Opinion article about the PETA request for Hunters and Collectors to change their name.

Author:  NT News.

Date: 3 March 2017.

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So, here we have it. March 2017 and the country’s level of political correctness has hit new heights of annoying.

Well done PETA Australia, pick up your crown and take a bow for owning the most twee, morally righteous publicity stunt in modern Australian history.

On the eve of duck-hunting season, the tofu-snorting sobs from PETA have called for Aussie rock heroes Hunters and Collectors to change their name to something less likely to inspire bird shooting.

Some of the alternatives tossed around by these wheatgrass-sniffing wimps included ‘Hunters and Collectors of Antiques’ and ‘Hunters and Collectors of Vinyl Records’.

Wow. While we’re at it, why don’t we change the name of other bands, so as not to irritate those with a skin more sensitive than a butterfly’s bladder.

The Violent Femmes, The Clash and The Killers will all be toned down to appease the nitwit nannies of the bubble-wrapped era.

It’s just lucky Sex Pistols’ bassist Sid Vicious isn’t still hanging around to have to taste this tripe, or he’d quickly be renamed Sam Friendly, or something equally as innocuous and boring.

And what about movies? Let’s rename the classic Robert De Niro flick to The Deer Lover.

Even Bambi would probably be banned under PETA’s limp-wristed excuse for an actual policy plan detailing how to fix the real and prevalent problem of animal cruelty around the world.

Pointing the patronising finger at hunters around the country isn’t the way to go about enacting real change.

When done appropriately, hunting can be a positive method for removing ferals who pose a threat to native wildlife — as is the case in the Top End, when shooters take aim at feral pigs and buffaloes.

Southerners at PETA can eat their organic oatmeal and shut up.