PETA asks Hunters & Collectors to change name

Article about the PETA request for Hunters and Collectors to change their name.

Author:  Sarah Thomas, Sydney Morning Herald.

Date: 2 March 2017.

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PETA asks Hunters & Collectors to change name because it ‘promotes’ killing of animals

In one of the more bizarre feats of activism to ever cross the music industry, an anti-animal cruelty organisation is calling on iconic Aussie rockers Hunters & Collectors to change the band’s name.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have apparently written an open letter to the band, expressing that in the lead-up to duck-hunting season the band should change their name “to discourage people from hunting animals”.

The letter, signed by PETA Australia’s associate director of campaigns Ashley Fruno, went on to say that 300,000 waterbirds face death during hunting season, with one in four dying a slow, painful death.

“We feel sure that it was never your intention to promote the killing of intelligent, sensitive and defenceless animals, your name may nevertheless make hunting seem appealing to fans,” the letter said.

Social media erupted in outrage over the bid, with Twitter users calling it the “most ridiculous publicity stunt this decade” and “PETA’s jump-the-shark moment”.

Scott Jenkins @JournoJenkins67
Why stop at Hunters & Collectors, PETA? You gonna ask Meat Loaf to change his name to Tofu Slice? IDIOTS!@peta @_hcofficial #PETA
12:24 PM – 2 Mar 2017
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Despite the 36-year-history of the Melbourne band fronted by Mark Seymour, it’s only now that PETA appears to step up with the complaint.

“As your Adelaide reunion show is coming up, now is the perfect time for a band namelift.”

What’s in a name? Hunters & Collectors are under fire.

However, a bit of humour in the letter reveals that it’s not entirely a serious request, more a bid for some cheap publicity, which in fairness seems to have been achieved.

PETA suggests as possible namelifts “Hunters & Collectors of Antiques”, Hunters & Collectors of Vinyl Records” and “Hunters & Collector of Beer Cans” – all ludicrously unfeasible options.

Ducks: Under threat from the Hunters & Collectors, apparently. Photo: Stuart Walmsley.

PETA’s Fruno said the organisation always uses a tongue-in-cheek approach to highlight issues.

“By using humour, PETA brings attention to serious issues, such as the hundreds of thousands of water birds that are killed every year during hunting season. Our name change suggestions may be funny, but the reasons behind it are genuine.

“Recreational duck hunting is banned in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, so it’s time for other states to follow suit. We hope that by changing their name, Hunters & Collectors will bring more attention to this important issue.”

PETA confirmed it had sent the letter to the band directly earlier on Thursday, but has yet to get a response.

The band declined to comment.

Hunters & Collectors play the Clipsal 500 Adelaide on Saturday, March 4.

ill_peripheral @ill_peripheral
So just now PETA are taking issue with Hunters & Collectors? They must have really run out of things to complain about.
2:13 PM – 2 Mar 2017
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Phantom Scribbler @Ozilad
Throw your arms around me @peta
Hunters & Collectors
2:08 PM – 2 Mar 2017
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Matt Scanlan @mjscanners
If Hunters & Collectors change their name for PETA then the world has officially gone mad #surelynot #petaslosttheplot #pcnannystate
2:01 PM – 2 Mar 2017
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Stephen Turner @SteveT_AU
PETA wants loads of free publicity if you mention Hunters & Collectors. It’s inane, they’re getting attention but is it good publicity?
1:53 PM – 2 Mar 2017
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BenO @tweetingbeno
Just heard that Hunters & Collectors have been asked to change their name. This is what the world has come to.
1:33 PM – 2 Mar 2017
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