PETA wants Aussie rock band Hunters & Collectors to change its name

Article about the PETA request for Hunters and Collectors to change their name.

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Date: 3 March 2017.

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An animal protection group is calling on iconic Australian rock Hunters & Collectors to change its name.

The Australian head of campaigns for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has written to the members of the 1980s rock group urging them to consider the name change to “discourage people from hunting animals”.

“We feel sure that it was never your intention to promote the killing of intelligent, sensitive, and defenceless animals, but your name may nevertheless make hunting seem appealing to your fans,” Ashley Fruno, PETA’s associate director of campaigns, wrote.

“Nearly 300,000 Australian waterbirds face an agonising death during hunting season, which opens in Victoria and Tasmania next week and is already underway in South Australia.

“As your Adelaide reunion show is coming up, now is the perfect time for a band namelift.”

The band has been called Hunter and Collectors since it formed in 1981.

PETA gave away the game, indicating the group was really after a cheap publicity stunt than a serious request by suggesting “Hunters & Collectors of Antiques” and “Hunters & Collectors of Beer Cans” as possible replacements.

Ms Fruno suggested by agreeing to change the name of the band, the members would “help raise awareness of the cruelty inherent in hunting waterbirds and give ducks a fighting chance”.

The band, best known for 1992 release Holy Grail and fronted by singer-songwriter Mark Seymour, is yet to comment on the request.

PETA has written to members of iconic Australian rock band Hunters & Collectors urging the group to change its name.

PETA’s move to get the Hunters and Collectors to change their name because it’s antagonistic to animals is a great start but it is only the beginning.

Here are 12 other names that will have to change before we can finally achieve peace with our four-legged brothers and sisters.

Old name: The Killers
New name: The Positive Reinforcers
Old name: The Animals
New name: The Equally Valid Species
Old name: Korn
New name: Corn

Old name: Eye of the Tiger
New name: Eye of the Corn
Old name: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
New name: The Lion Asserts its Rights Tonight

Old name: Hunter S. Thompson
New name: Gatherer S. Thompson
Old name: Holly Hunter
New name: Holly Collector
Old name: Rex Hunt
New name: Rex Forage

Old name: The Hunter Valley
New name: The Hipster Valley
Old name: Hunters Hill
New name: Hunters Burial Mound
Old name: Gunnedah
New name: Kumbayadah