Hunters & Collectors To Reform For One Adelaide Show

An article about Hunters and Collectors reforming for a one off show at the 2017 Adelaide Clipsal 500.

Author: Paul Cashemere, Noise11.

Date: 24 August 2016.

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Hunters & Collectors will perform at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide in 2017.

Hunters & Collectors are now past a permanent reunion and one-off events seem to be their vehicle of choice for the fans to still enjoy the band. Hunters & Collectors also reformed on the last Aussie tours for The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen.

Mark Seymour Hunters & Collectors photo by Ros O’Gorman“Hunters & Collectors were always a big stage band and the Clipsal 500 is a perfect opportunity for the band to truly show its talent,” Mark Seymour said in a statement. “A big event, massive crowd and powerful rock music. One-off gigs like this don’t come around often and the band relishes the opportunity to let rip in South Australia! At the Clipsal 500, we’ll be putting everything on the line for a solid one hundred minutes.”

South Australia is excited about the Hunters & Collectors exclusive. Minister for Tourism, Leon Bignell said “We are extremely excited to announce that Hunters
& Collectors will reunite exclusively to perform a special one-off concert at the 2017 Clipsal 500 Adelaide – It’s not every day Australian rock royalty reunite and we’re honoured to host what promises to be an iconic concert in South Australia.

“The Clipsal 500 Adelaide is the pinnacle of motorsport events in Australia and the State Government is committed to attracting world-class entertainment each year to ensure we continually raise the bar. In 2015 we brought back Cold Chisel to commemorate their 40th Anniversary and next year’s Hunters & Collectors performance promises to be a landmark occasion in Australian music.”

The Clipsal 500 is on 4 March 2017.