Hunters & Collectors say goodbye to Steve Price over his Q&A shenanigans

An article about Hunters and Collectors requesting radio broadcaster Steve Price to cease using the song Holy Grail.

Author:  Sally Rawsthorne, The Daily Telegraph.

Date: 21 July 2016.

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Article Text


Steve Price has been forced to change the theme song on his 2GB program because Hunters & Collectors were so offended by his statements on Q&A.

Price has long used Holy Grail as his theme song but announced on his show this week that the band, who parted ways in 1998 to pursue solo careers, had demanded he remove it.

They were unhappy after he called a a female panellist “hysterical” during a debate on the ABC program about violence against women in the wake of the row over Eddie McGuire’s comments about journalist Caroline Wilson.

“Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re the only one that can get upset,” Price also told writer Van Badham.

The outspoken broadcaster later defended his comments on The Project saying he was “ambushed” and that he didn’t regret what he had said.

Talking to the show’s Carrie Bickmore, Price told viewers he was disappointed.

“I didn’t try to turn anything into theatre, but I’m not going to be verballed by an aggressive woman sitting next to me who thinks you can only be upset by domestic violence if you’re female,” Price said.



The claim that 2GB was “forced” not to use Holy Grail is incorrect. A request was made and this request was accepted.