Hunters & Collectors ban Steve Price from using their music

An article about Hunters and Collectors requesting radio broadcaster Steve Price to cease using the song Holy Grail.

Author: staff, Channel 9 News.

Date: 20 July 2016.

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Australian rock group Hunters & Collectors have forced radio broadcaster Steve Price to remove their hit song ‘Holy Grail’ from his show following his controversial comments on ABC’s Q&A.

The 2GB host announced the request to remove the music as his theme song during Monday night’s broadcast.

The band – which has now disbanded – made the decision to refuse use of their Australian Rules anthem after Melbourne writer Van Badham blamed Price for the torrent of abuse she’s received since she appeared on Q&A with Price.

During the live debate, audience member Tarang Chawla asked a question about violence towards women, citing Eddie McGuire’s contentious comments about The Age newspaper’s reporter Caroline Wilson being held under water.

McGuire made comments on radio about drowning Wilson at the Big Freeze at the G, an event where celebrities plunge into ice to raise money for motor neurone disease.

“I reckon we should start a campaign or a one-person slide next year,” he said last weekend.

“Caroline Wilson, I’ll put in the 10 grand straight away, make it 20, and if she stays under, 50.”

Price defended McGuire’s comments saying his remarks were “taken out of context” and it was just a “bunch of blokes laughing about things they shouldn’t have laughed about”. He then told Badham she was “hysterical” by being upset.

The Hunters & Collectors’ decision to ban Price using this music has garnered criticism from fans who have expressed their dissatisfaction on the band’s Facebook page.

“You don’t like Steve Price’s comments on a TV panel show and so you ban him from using your music as an intro which he has done for the last 14 years. So much for freedom of speech in Australia Are you going to refund the royalties you got for the last 14 years?” wrote one user.

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The claim that 2GB was “forced” not to use Holy Grail is incorrect. A request was made and this request was accepted.