Jack Howard of Hunters & Collectors To Perform Solo Horn Hits

An article about Jack Howard’s Epic Brass concert.

Author:  Paul Cashmere, Noise11.

Date: 13 April 2016.

Original URL: http://www.noise11.com/news/jack-howard-of-hunters-collectors-to-perform-solo-horn-hits-20160413


Article Text

Jack Howard, the horn of Hunters & Collectors, is stepping out solo for his Epic Brass show for the Memo Music Hall.

Jack has gathered up a five-piece horn section to perform a show featuring ‘the great horn hits and hidden gems from the golden age of Australian Rock’.

Jack has played with Midnight Oil, The Living End, Rodriguez, The Break and Little Red. As someone with the numbers of Melbourne’s finest singers and musicians, Jack’s Epic Brass show is expected to include a few famous voices on the night.

Jack Howard and his Epic Brass are on a Memo Music Hall in St Kilda on Satuday, July 9.