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PledgeMusic information about the Roll Back The Stone live album recordings in June 2016.

Author:  Mark Seymour.

Date: 12 April 2016.

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Roll Back The Stone

You’re invited to be a part of an exclusive recording experience. Two shows ONLY, with 75 tickets per night available.

How do bands work? Music can be proscriptive. You can hand out charts, line everything up in an orderly fashion, or you can just jam and let things form in their own way, chasing power and sound., That’s the beauty of guitar music. It’s an easy ride. Working with chords and melody. But its story telling too. We’ve discovered that. You can also talk about it for hours. We do. But the sound, that’s something else. What makes it exciting? The live drama. The feeling of commitment. It’s in the playing and that’s it! Bands are meant to ‘jam’, to open the songs up, extend them, let the groove take over. We’ve learned to fool around on stage, sometimes too much or not nearly enough, to keep things fresh, chasing the slender thread of emotion… …

In the last decade, through the constant push and pull of performance the songs have changed radically. A new chemistry has emerged, in the personalities, the friction of souls, the groove, and the rooms themselves of course, the stages, the bars and the clubs. The truth is, we never know what we’re going to get… Acoustics can be exquisite, or dodgy. Sometimes audiences come wrapped in blankets, or bathed in sweat but we’ve always looked for a way through, to share new stories and keep the old ones fresh, as long as people turned up to listen. There’s a new energy building in this group and the set list has grown to match. Every song from the last three albums has been a live keeper, and we’ve reached further back as well, looking for songs that fit. I believe it’s time to put this sound on record and celebrate thirty years of songwriting at the same time…. “Roll back The Stone” will be recorded live over two days in the “Scrap Museum” Room at Bakehouse studios in Richmond… It will be a marker in our lives, musicians, band and audience. You’re invited to attend of course. After all, that is the point…
Some information for Pledgers:

Please leave your name ( or names) as you would like them displayed on the door list for either event and within the CD ‘thank you’ notes at the point of checkout. It is your responsibility to get to and from the event. The CD and digital will be delivered by March 10, 2017.

If you pledge via Paypal you will be charged upon your transaction. If you pledge via credit card you will only be billed once the project has reached 100%