Sydney Morning Herald Mayday Review

A brief positive review of Mark’s Mayday album.

Author:  Craig Mathieson, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Date: 28 May 2015.

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3 Stars

After a successful Hunters & Collectors sojourn, Mark Seymour turns his gaze outwards again on Mayday, examining an entrenched Australian culture of inequality and injustice after the domestic detail of 2011’s The Undertow. Social criticism isn’t readily apparent in contemporary Australian music, and the plight of asylum seekers on Lucky Land and the reality of modern employment with FIFO risk brushing up against the dogmatic, but with a sympathetically diverse backing band Seymour takes the best tracks here to fascinating extremes. Systemic corruption is rendered as menacing folk storytelling on Courtroom 32, while a self-satisfied consumer culture becomes a fantasy of self-destruction in the urgent Oblivion.