Mark Seymour – Oblivion


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Studio  4:00 Mark Seymour Mayday album. Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital form.

 Recommended Version.






Out along the highway
Looking for the feast
Some kind of satisfaction
To pacify the beast
The queens of fashionista
All the tattooed kings
Leaning out their windows
And showin’ off their rings

On the high road to oblivion

They’re really on the cutting edge
Every kind of cool
Celebrities and sycophants
Running out of fuel
Everyone is winning you can feel it in the air
Take a half a tank or more
But hey I’m gettin’ there

On the high road to oblivion

Straighten out my attitude
Hit me in the head
‘Cos I don’t wanna join the line of the living dead
They’re all coming after me, call me paranoid
Can’t you hear my little voice
Echo in the void?

On the high road to oblivion

Goddamn the weather man!
Goddamn the sun!
All these people on the highway
Looking for kingdom come

If you’re looking for nirvana
There’s a special place
Out along the uber road
Deep in outer space
Everyone is heading there
Prophecy foretold
I must’ve been the only one
Whose blood was running cold

On the high road to oblivion