Mark Seymour – Courtroom 32


Version Length Source Availability
Studio  4:41 Mark Seymour Mayday album. Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital form.
Live 4:55 Mark Seymour Roll Back The Stone album. Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital form.

 Recommended Version.






His lordship in the big house
Was skimming off the top
For years nobody noticed
If they did they soon forgot
Every stooge who got a cut
Was rolling in the stew
They took a vow of secrecy
In Courtroom 32

It’s somewhere down on King William Street
The drinking starts at 10
You’ll find it hard to separate
The women from the men
The cronies and the crack heads
All the guilt-edged crew
Are swapping lovers
Down at Courtroom 32

Everyone’s a legend
They’re high above the law
Drinking wine from 59
And wrestling on the floor
You know I’m not a dancing man
But I’ve mingled with that crew
There’s no bleeding hearts
In Courtroom 32

There was every stooge and sycophant
On every stool a liar
All the wowsers who ever were
Have set themselves on fire
Every woman’s got a henchman
They’re marching two by two
They’ll seal the deal and make a meal of you

They freely gouged the public purse
All down the wicked years
Their lust was never-ending
It was bound to end in tears
Some flunky did the numbers
And his tiny conscience blew
Spilt the beans
All over Courtroom 32

There were cameras in the doorway
Every network on the ground
Was sniffin’ out corruption
And when the gun was found
They put it in the victim’s hand
To save the chosen few
They’re doin’ cartwheels down
At Courtroom 32

The ambulance is ready
She’s waiting in the street
The suits are all lined up outside
They’re voting with their feet
The skimpies will be on again
They’ll tease you black and blue
Every crime will be forgotten
Down in Courtroom 32

Down upon King William Street
There’s a lesson to be learned
Knowing who your friends are
Is wisdom truly earned
Be careful looking sideways
‘Cos no one’s got a clue
They don’t do the numbers
Down at Courtroom 32