Jack Howard – Saturday Night


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Studio  3:25 Jack Howard The Inverloch Tapes album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

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I found myself driving through town on a Saturday night
There were bells and chimes at midnight
Tolling for a new beginning
Oh, my hands felt strong and my brain was ablaze
With plans and schemes, oh a river of dream
I studied all the faces of the lonely and the lost
And the streets full of bounty for the one who kept his feet

But will I fall?

I picked myself up and brushed myself off
Checked my hair in the rearview mirror
I wasted no time, I had the world in my hand
I was spinning like a ball on a roulette wheel
I breathed in the smoke, I breathed in the fire
I breathed in the perfume of fabulous girls
I took a stab in the dark and I threw myself in
It’s not so hard when there’s nothing but fear

But will I fear?

Now I will get while the going is good
While still something left that is ticking
I tipped my hat to the ones who made it through
And the girl down the road that inhabits my soul
I said the ghost down the road that inhabits my soul