Jack Howard – The Good Life


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Studio  3:59 Jack Howard The Inverloch Tapes album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

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We sat staring out the window watching the world go by
Full of wine and chatter and laughter
Our hands touch and our eyes meet

This is the good life, surely at last

As the evening wears on
We sit in the corner of another little bar
Surrounded by friends
A stranger passes and he catches my eye
And he catches your eye too.
And as I look back, you’re disconcerted
Our conversation resumes, close to each other’s ears
To overcome the noise
To recover our poise

This is the good life, surely at last

But a seed is planted and once planted has a life of its own
This could go on for days
Or bring about the downfall of Rome
In the morning, in each other’s arms
I say a little prayer and I keep my peace
What you can’t control, as they say

A kiss undone, a small token of my self-esteem
The seed it grows, the wheel it spins

This is the good life, surely at last