Jack Howard – The Inverloch Tapes

Jack Howard - The Inverloch Tapes cover

The Inverloch Tapes (cover)


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A collection of Jack Howard and Jack Berto duo studio recordings.

Released In: [Australia / NZ].

Release Date: 12 January 2015.

Australian Chart Position: [Did Not Enter].

Availability: Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

Value: A$8-A$15.



Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Independent Australian digital album.

Digital album length: 75 minutes, 37 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -3.74dB (2015).

  1. Don’t Fade Away 
  2. A Toast To Our Good Fortune 
  3. The Letter 
  4. Restlessness
  5. Wiseguy Waltz
  6. Sweet Hand Of Mercy
  7. Just Don’t Understand
  8. Heard You Cry
  9. Counted The Ways 
  10. You Go To My Head
  11. Don’t Explain 
  12. Back Where I Belong
  13. Reign ‘Til Kingdom Come
  14. The Fool In Me
  15. City Lights
  16. Spencer’s Song
  17. The Good Life
  18. Love Sweet Love (Christmas Song)
  19. The Dog Sat Staring 
  20. Want To Fall
  21. Saturday Night





Liner Notes

John Berto and I started playing together in the Elwood Dads’ Band (the Elwood Primary School fundraising band) in 2000.

Over time, we started a little off-shoot jazzy kind of thing.

Over still more time, John started playing a few of my songs and as part of the Jack Howard & The Long Lost Brothers’ 2007 CD, My Lucky Day, we included six tracks (tracks 1-6 here) of just the two of us.

Tracks 7-11 are tracks that didn’t make that record.

The funny thing about that recording session is that our engineer (and bass player) Barry Stockley’s 2-inch tape machine broke at the end of the day and all that I ever had to work with was the rough mixes.

You’ll hear the occasional bits of talking in the background and there are bits that I would have fixed, but overall it’s very honest and there’s some terrific playing, especially from John.

Tracks 12-21 were recorded in 2010 on a little portable Roland Edirol recorder at John’s beach house in Inverloch. Many of these tracks made it in another form onto 2012’s The Story So Far bonus DVD of John and I live at Pure Pop.

These actual recordings, however, have never had a release. I think that there are some really good songs here; and again, John’s beautifully sympathetic playing is worth the price of admission.

John now plays in the Bacharach band with me and we don’t do very much duo stuff together these days. I’d like to think that these songs, these recordings, are well worth a listen though.

Hope you enjoy them.
released 12 January 2015

John Berto – electric guitar, Jack Howard – vocals, trumpet.

All songs by Jack Howard except You Go To My Head (Coots/Gillespie) and Don’t Explain (Holiday/Herzog) and track 16 – lyrics by Spencer Howard

Tracks 1-11 recorded by Barry Stockley at Fatsound.

Tracks 12-21 recorded at John’s beach house in Inverloch on a Roland Edirol portable recorder.