Hunters and Collectors, The Powerstation

Brief article on Hunters and Collectors playing at the Powerstation in Auckland, New Zealand.

Author: Groove Guide.

Date: 19 November – 18 December 2014.

Original URL: N/A.


Article Text

Fri 21 November
Hunters & Collectors
The Powerstation
8pm, sold out

Australia’s Hunters & Collectors became renowned the world over back in the ’80s for their electrifying, sweat-soaked sound. The band’s legacy includes ten studio albums (such as 1986’s Human Frailty and 1989’s Ghost Nation) and almost 2000 live shows. After a brief reunion in 2009, the band has been persuaded to perform one very special headline show at Auckland’s Powerstation.



The picture included with this article was of Mark Seymour’s solo band The Undertow, not Hunters and Collectors.