Hunters & Collectors Crowdfunding ‘Final Live’ Box Set

Article from TheMusic about the Hunters and Collectors crowd funding of the ‘Final Live’ box set.


Date: 7 November 2014.

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Iconic Oz-rock outfit Hunters & Collectors may have called it a day with a final triumphant appearance at the Palais Theatre back in April, but the band’s faithful can enjoy one last bundle of goodness as the band crowdfund resources to put out their limited-release Final Live box set.

The campaign, hosted via crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic, comes in the wake of Mushroom Group’s release of a short retrospective film, AAA Pass: Hunters & Collectors, reliving the legendary band’s final show, which is currently up on YouTube. You can get amongst all the nostalgic glory right here.

The Final Live box set comprises recordings taken not only from Hunters & Collectors’ final appearance at the Palais, but their preceding farewell show at the Enmore Theatre, too. The full set contains four CDs filled with songs from those last appearances, plus assorted other tour memorabilia. Pledges range from $16, which scores you a 12-track digital version of the release, up to $500, for which you’ll walk away with a personally signed copy of the full physical box set.

Only 500 copies of the release will be made available; see the band’s campaign page for more information.

Everyone who pledges a physical item in the campaign receives the digital album as a bonus. Digital downloads will be disseminated on Friday, February 27, 2015.

Track list

ENMORE, Sydney – April 5, 2014
1. Inside A Fireball
2. Where Do You Go?
3. Dog
4. Back In The Hole
5. Head Above Water
6. The Slab

PALAIS THEATRE, Melbourne – April, 12, 2014
1. Blindeye
2. Stuck On You
3. This Morning
4. Everything’s On Fire
5. 42 Wheels
6. Do You See What I See?