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The PledgeMusic information on the limited edition Hunters and Collectors ‘Final Live’ box set.

Author:  Mark Seymour; PledgeMusic.

Date: 8 November 2014.

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Limited Edition ‘Final Live’ Box Set

Hunters & Collectors launch the ‘Final Live’ Box Set project.
A rare collection of live recordings limited to 500 only.

Boxed Set

What the hell was that? Now that it’s come and gone, the so called reformation tour, the once off… never to be repeated run round? No matter how many times we called it that, a “once off”, people kept asking… “Is that it?” even as I walked out the stage door at 11pm on the last Saturday night… the security guard simply wouldn’t have it. “Yeah sure. You’ll be back.” ‘Fraid not pal. That was it. And it was never meant to be that big. Things just got a little out of hand. The scale of it. What were they? Just a pub band. Whatever that is, or was. Well, whatever they were Hunters and Collectors had a bloody big sound. That strange mechanical concoction of parts, monumental, grinding, relentless graceful power. And the last of the shows, in theatres. Not the place for a pub band you say? Oddly enough, the only other time we ever played in the Palais was for the “Cut” album in 1992 and the review was awful. Pretentious, overblown… might have been Rolling Stone mag… some rock journo with an axe to grind… whatever. Funny how the ‘credibility wars’ fade into obscurity, especially when a band plays with no fear. There was an intense feeling of release… an explosion of energy. I mean, the band just launched itself at the audience right from the first chord and never backed off. The whole tour. Nothing broke down, no one lost it… oh, hang on… there was that one moment, but let’s not go there. It was as loud as it ever was and I didn’t lose my voice. I didn’t see anybody cry either. Are you kidding? And the punters sat in their seats and gazed up at us… and then, one by one, they stood, smiling, laughing, with that strange questioning gaze. What the hell was that? – Mark Seymour

Some FAQ’s

Q. How does this work ?

You will see an ‘in progress’ box on the right of this page. When enough people have pledged their order for one of the limited edition items listed below and the project reaches 100% the item you have pledged for shall be fulfilled.

Q Do I get the digital release even if I just pledge on a t-shirt or the box set ?

Everybody whom makes a pledge on a physical item will receive the digital release as a bonus.

The track listing of the digital release is:

ENMORE, Sydney – April 5, 2014
1. Inside A Fireball
2. Where Do You Go?
3. Dog
4. Back In The Hole
5. Head Above Water
6. The Slab

PALAIS THEATRE, Melbourne – April, 12, 2014
1. Blindeye
2. Stuck On You
3. This Morning
4. Everything’s On Fire
5. 42 Wheels
6. Do You See What I See?

The link to download these tracks will be sent to you on Friday Feb 27, 2015.
The tracks will be available in both Flac and MP3 formats.

Q. How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the price displayed. The page will display the correct amount based on your location.

Q. When will my credit card be charged? When do I get the goodies?

If you pay by credit card, it will only be charged once the target is reached. If you use Paypal it works a little differently. Your Pledge is taken, but if the target isn’t met, your Pledge is refunded. You can cancel your pledge at any time before your item is fulfilled.

Q. I would like to gift an item.

That is fine. There is the option to do so at checkout.

With this project there are 2 fulfilment dates. Everybody whom pledges will receive the digital release on February 26, 2015. This will be sent via a secure link through email and will be verified through your email address an PledgeMusic account. You will have a choice of an MP3 or Flac download.

The physical items shall be fulfilled by June 1, 2015.