Jack Howard – Panic in the City


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Studio  4:05 Jack Howard Panic in the City single. Moderately rare. N/A.

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Jack notes on his bandcamp:

This is a protest song of sorts. I’m sick of all of the paranoia and fear mongering being dispersed by the government and government’s Murdoch outlets.



No trust, no love
No lord above
No truth, just lies
Bending the words and the deeds to suit your price.

Panic in the city, the infidels are here
White boy, black girl, black boy, white girl
Running scared
Panic in the city, the vandals are on the loose
Just you, just me, just a kiss away
From a decent dream

No goal, no doubt
Just team Australia, six and out
No face, no fear
Stirring up hate while we turn the other cheek

Panic in the city, etc.

No voice, no say
Just do what you’re told every day
No pain, no gain
Live and let live, let’s end this stupid game