Jack Howard

Jack Howard

Jack Howard, 1998

Full Name: John Albert Howard.

Role: Trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals.

Years In Band: 1981-1998.

Solo Work: The good 2000 solo EP “Lo Stresso Tempo”. A great studio album, “Secrets and White Lies” was released on the 29th of July 2002. Jack’s magnificent “Let’s Fall In Love” album was released on the 11th of October 2004. More albums are scheduled in the near future.

Additional Information: Since the demise of the Hunna’s, Jack Howard has been doing a few things and is currently gigging around the Melbourne area (Rosstown in Carnegie, the Elwood RSL, the Commercial in Yarraville and more). Jack has worked with Callie Gray, the Living End, Pete Murray, Mandy Kane and more. Jack has appeared in the Elwood Dad’s Band, The Ambassador’s Of Love and many other places in the Melbourne area.

Internet Site: http://www.jack-howard.com/

Top 5’s

H&C songs
1. Blind Eye
2. Hayley’s Doorstep
3. Tow Truck
4. Carry Me
5. When The Truth Comes Calling
6. 42 Wheels
(yes, I know it’s 6)

H&C Albums
1. Jaws Of Life
2. Demon Flower
3. Human Frailty
4. Ghost Nation
5. Under One Roof/Cut

H&C Gigs
1. Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 1988
2. Selinas, Sydney anytime
3. HiFi Bar, last tour Mar. 1998
4. The Palais Theatre, St. Kilda, 1992 (I think)
5. Canberra Leagues, 1985 (I think!)

Jack Howard, 2014

Jack Howard, 2014