Doug Falconer

Doug Falconer

Doug Falconer, 1998

Full Name: Douglas James Falconer.

Role: drums, percussion, programming, backing vocals.

Years In Band: 1981-1998.

Solo Work: Doug has played in a band called “Anonymous Bosch” on and off since Hunters and Collectors. As at 2002, the latest on Bosch was that Stephanie had left to ‘pursue a solo career’ but the band continued to play. Doug’s Anonymous Bosch are not to be confused with the American heavy metal Anonymous Bosch. had the following to say about Anonymous Bosch:

“Anonymous Bosch”

Featuring Stephanie Falconer (ex-SardineV, piano/vocals), Doug Falconer (ex-Hunters and Collectors, drums/percussion) and Nigel MacLean (Blue Drag/Hot Cafe, etc etc, electric/acoustic violin), Bosch is a unique sound that insinuates its way into your consciousness in a way that brings a grin to your face.

“Marlene Dietrich meets Kurt Weill at Leonard Cohen’s house”

CD includes 16 tracks, 8 page full colour booklet with all lyrics and jewel case

Additional Information: Doug is the drummer with a medical degree. Currently a web based designer at Green Graphics and a medical doctor.

Doug Falconer, 2014

Doug Falconer, 2014