The Break – Space Farm

The Break - Space Farm

The Break – Space Farm (cover)


Second studio album for surf rockers The Break, featuring members of Midnight Oil, The Flaming Lips and Hunters and Collectors.

Released In: [Australia / NZ].

Release Date: 15 March 2013.

Australian Chart Position: TBA.

Availability: Moderately common. Available new in CD form.

Value: A$15-A$30.


Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Sony Music CD album.

Album length: 51 minutes, 30 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -8.82 (2013).

  1. Psychonauts
  2. Space Farm 
  3. Day 300
  4. Ten Guitars (featuring Engelbert Humperdinck) 
  5. Face the Music
  6. Tumbling for Eons Through Turbid Atoms
  7. Majestic Kelp 
  8. Whatever Dumb Courage
  9. Time For Flying
  10. Things Are Loud Here
  11. Rotor
  12. Sky, I Use You Like A Mirror
  13. Space Farm Suite: Pyschonauts for Freedom




Prior to the release of this album, their second, Jack Howard from Hunters and Collectors joined The Break as a full time member.


Liner Notes


You are no better than a lighthouse.

Your enthralling spins as a
A warning does.

At night
When I stare
You break my longing on cool white rock.

Star. You fucker.
Stop luring me


I’m a little bit afraid.

Whatever it takes.

Send me out, beyond, towards.

Use whatever force
Whatever drums you need to call it.
Make them
Split the circle
That will rent the sku.

It is time for flying.

The lie is
That after being flung and then
For eons through turbid atoms
Through time with its razors
And arriving
Your skin in ribbons, your bones apart
Thirsty at the edge.

That after you find
Whatever dumb courage
It takes
To step gently, gently
The lie is that
There will be silence in
Inter-stellar space.

It doesn’t open as you hope.
Endless and quiet.
AHumid afternoons infinity.

It is a large loud jaw.

Rattling wild with the sounds that
Come when words
Yearn, and then fail us.

Where do you think a widow’s howl end up?
And joy too, sure.
But less of it.

Things are loud here and as vivid
As unicorn blood. Rare earth.
The dizzy splendour races above
The fling of
We reel below,
Skolling UDL cans and one-show lost.
Carried by orbits
Into meaning, off balance, out of breath.
Flung down on the grass.
The moon, punctuation
On a long dark question.
Spoken, forgotten.

Instead of seeing you.
I just use you as a mirror.

Willoh S. Weiland


The Gyuto Monks of Tibet
‘Psychonauts for Freedom’

The Gyuto Monks are explorers of mental space. They measure the meaning and the limits of our existence to advance the cause of all living beings. This path follows Lama Tsongkhapa, the thirteenth century Buddhist master, the founder of the Gulek Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. In his ground breaking work “Principle of Ideas”, among many other works, he has articulated the true formula of Buddha’s view, that ideas liberate us as opposed to worshipping. Ideas construct reality. Thus, it is our choice what we constract or deconstruct according to our wish. This freedom exist in our mental space, hence Gyuto Monks are in essence Psychonauts. In this piece the Gyuto Monks chant Lama Tsonghapa’s poem “All Freedom”, in their deep harmonic resonance which represents the pure consciousness.


Rob Hirst – Drums, Percussion
Brian Ritchie – Bass, Voice, Shakuhachi, Zournas
Martin Rotsey – Guitar
Jim Moginie – Guitar, Theremin, Keyboards
Jack Howard – Trumpet


1. Psychonauts 1:03
(Lama Tsongkhapa / Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)
Chanting: The Gyuto Monks of Tibet

2. Space Farm 4:59
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)

3. Day 300 4:08
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)

4. Ten Guitars
(Gordon Mills)
Lead Vocals: Engelbert Humperdinck
Backing Vocals: Maryanne Slavich

5. Face the Music 3:16
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)
Lowrey Organ: Pete Covington

6. Tumbling for Eons Through Turbid Atoms 4:02
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)

7. Majestic Kelp 5:47
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)

8. Whatever Dumb Courage 3:36
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)
Lowrey Organ: Pete Covington

9. Time For Flying 2:45
(Howlin Wind)

10. Things Are Loud Here 4:29
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)

11. Rotor 2:55
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)

12. Sky, I Use You Like A Mirror (3:44)
(Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)

13. Space Farm Suite: Pyschonauts for Freedom
(Willoh S. Weiland / Lama Tsongkhapa / Moginie / Hirst / Ritchie / Rotsey)
Chanting: The Gyuto Monks Of Tibet


All songs published by Sony/AATV Music Publishing Australia

Produced by: Jim Moginie

Recorded by: Jim Moginie assisted by Pete Covington at Oceanic, Sydney
except track 4 – ‘Ten Guitars’ – recorded by: Brent Clark at Oceanic, Sydney
Engelbert Humperdinck vocal by: Jorge Costa at Springhaven, Bel Air, California

Mixed by: Tim Whitten @ Wonderland, Sydney
except tracks 1, 10, 11, 13 Mixed by: Jim Moginie @ Oceanic, Sydney
and track 4 Mixed by: Nick Launay @ Seedy Underbelly, L.A.

Mastered by: Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney

Poem written by: Willoh S. Weiland

Photography: Tim Burke – Twist Photography
& Tobi Wilkinson (Gyuto Monks of Tibet photo)
Layout & Design: Stuart Eddie – Artist Marketing

Management: Grant Pudig –

Agent: Jordan Verzar –


Special Thanks: Engelbert Humperdinck –
Annette, Evelyn, Diona, Karyn, Lesley, Varuni

Thanks To: Denis Handlin, Tony Glover, Dan Biddle, Tariana Marchant and all at Sony Music, Damian Trotter & Wendy Richardson at SonyATV, Gemma Atkinson, Hayden Anderson, Willoh S. Wieland, The Gyuto Monks of Tibet, Maureen Fallon of Gyuto House Australia, Scott Dorsey, Nick Launay, Tim Whitten, Arlene Brookes, Fender Australia, David Minear, Robin Fox.

Dedicated to the memory of Wayne Goodwin, without whom we would not be surfing.


(P) & (C) 2013 The Break under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment Australia. Sony Music is the exclusive trademark of Sony Music Entertainment. Distributed in Australia by Sony Music Distribution Australia Pty Ltd.

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