Deadstar – Milk

Deadstar - Milk (cover)

Deadstar – Milk (cover)


Deadstar’s strong second album (1997).

Released In: [Australia / NZ] [UK].

Release Date: May 1997.

Australian Chart Position: #91 (ARIA).

Availability: Moderately common. Available new in digital and CD (UK) form.

Value: A$5-A$20.


Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Mushroom Records Australian CD album.

Album length: 48 minutes, 20 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -7.46dB (1997).

  1. Don’t It Get You Down 
  2. I’ve Got Something To Tell You 
  3. Please
  4. Fifteen
  5. Ooh My Love
  6. R-U-4-Love
  7. Henry And Godiva At The Bar 
  8. My Goods
  9. Beauty Queen
  10. Sex Sell 




Released in the UK as “Deadstar” rather than “Milk”.

Note: Deadstar was formed by Hunters and Collectors guitarist Barry Palmer.


Liner Notes

All songs written by Palmer/Kennedy/Jones

Lyrics by Caroline Kennedy

Published by Mushroom Music


Recorded at Sing Sing Studio’s, Melbourne

Produced by Barry Palmer

Engineered by Kalju Tonuma

Assistant engineer Matt Voigt & Adam Rhodes

Mixed by Mark Freegard at Matrix Maison Rouge, London

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisc, New York


Barry Palmer: Guitars

Caroline Kennedy: Vocals

Peter Jones: Drums and Percussion


Special thanks to Steve Hadley for Bass Guitar


Management: Michael Roberts

For Loud and Clear Management P/L.

PO Box 276, Albert Park, Victoria 3206, Australia.

Phone: 61 3 9534 9238

Fax: 61 3 9537 1371



Special thanks to:

Kim Salmon, Jodie & Family, the Palmers, Jenny and the Jones’, Michael Roberts, Warren Costello, Rob Jefferson, Kalju Tonuma, Matt ‘Mavis’ Thomas and Charlie Marshall.

Peter wishes to thank Pearl and Sabian.

Painting: Caroline Kennedy.

Design: Debbie Ladd / MushroomArt

Photography: Antony Alekna

Cover and center spread digital imaging by Matt Orr.


MUSH33004.2 (P) (C) 1997 Mushroom Records International BV.