Mark Seymour – Thirteen Tonne Theory

Thirteen Tonne Theory book (cover)

Thirteen Tonne Theory book (cover)


Mark Seymour’s book on life within Hunters and Collectors.

Released In: [Australia / NZ].

Release Date: 3 March 2008.

Availability: Moderately common. Available new in Australia in book form.

Value: A$25-A$35.


Chapter Listing(s)


 Highly recommended chapter.


Version: Penguin Group Australia softcover book.

Total book length: 408 pages.

01. Holy Grail in Wonthaggi

02. The Ballroom 1980-1982

a. No. 9 Waratah Street

b. The Schnorts

c. Talking to a Stranger

d. Get Perano

e. The Birth of the Wang: Part One

f. The Birth of the Wang: Part Two

g. The Birth of the Wang: Part Three

h. Snakefinger

i. The Red Book

j. The Crab

k. The Horns of Contempt

l. Lowenstein

m. The Sign

n. God

o. Goodbye Ray

03. England 1982-1984

a. Heathrow

b. Virgin #1: A Long and Fruitful Relationship

c. Virgin #2: Curried Chicken

d. Virgin #3: Animal Farm

e. Depth Charges

f. Double Irish Over Alice

g. A Band Called X

h. The Alliance

i. John Archer and the Moose

04. The Purge 1984-1986

a. Goodbye Perano

b. Precinct 13

c. Crosby and the Marching Girl

d. Great Idea for a Song

e. Human Frailty

f. May and the Animals

05. The Black Hole 1986-1988

a. Emotional Truth

b. Booking the Piggery

c. Doc’s Bitches

d. The Money Man

e. Music With Teeth

f. A Pyramid of Wheels

g. Swedish Press Conference

06. The Silver Bullet 1988-1990

a. The Silver Bullet

b. Ghost Nation

c. Atlantic

d. Waiting for Midnight Oil

e. Letterman

f. New Blood

g. The Scream

07. 13 Tonne Theory 1990-1992

a. Thirteen Tonne Theory

b. Loaded

c. The Irish Club

d. Volume Control

e. Baked Beans in Taree

f. The Airlock

g. Who Wants to Bump Uglies with a Hero?

h. Road Food

08. The Gehman Effect 1992-1994

a. Boston

b. A Bunch of Communists

c. The Follow-up

d. Fun Bus

e. Dutch Courage

f. Go the Grail

09. Back in the Hole 1994-1998

a. Demon Flower

b. Focus on the Money

c. Loyalty

d. Asleep in the Fortress of Solitude

e. The End of Yearning

f. The Last of the True Believers

g. Laneway Action

h. Heeey!

10. Acknowledgements





Liner Notes

Mark Seymour was born in Benalla, Victoria in 1956. His parents were both schoolteachers who travelled a lot, so e spent most of his childhood living in a string of country towns. His mother Paula taught him to sing in the family choir, which comprised everyone except his Dad, who unfortunately failed the audition, though his tenor sometimes soared. Together they competed in talent quests and meetings of various Country Women’s Associations, and Mark began to nurture dreams of a singing career. Eventually the family arrived in Melbourne and, some time after that, Mark stumbled into the Tiger Lounge in Richmond on a Tuesday night in 1978 – and subsequently became a devotee of rock ‘n’ roll.

He was the frontman of a band called Hunters and Collectors for eighteen years. Since then, Mark has continued to perform and record. He lives somewhere on the Victorian coast with his wife Jo and their two daughters Eva and Hannah.

To all those who scammed their way in
Who never paid the toll
To all who laugher on leaving
Who knew that heads would roll
For screwing up the load-out
For burning the book of lies
I wish you well my brothers
I wish you warm goodbyes
To all who worked beside me
To loves who’ve moved on
To all who said that life was hard-
take comfort and be strong
For there is goodness in your memories
Life is in them still
Be thankful for your finest hour
By joyful and take your fill
To all the heavy lifters
who are grinning through their tears
Be sure to share your wisdom
through the rigour of the years
For the time has come for turning of
the mirror ball and the beers
You don’t have to go home by friends
but you can’t stay here

This book is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Chapman