Great Australian Albums – Human Frailty

Great Australian Albums (cover)

Great Australian Albums (cover)


A documentary DVD on Human Frailty, part of the four part second series of Great Australian Albums. Originally broadcast on SBS television on the 20th of September 2008.

Released in: [Australia / NZ].

Release Date: 22 October 2008.

Australian Chart Position: [Did Not Enter].

Availability: Moderately common. Available new in DVD form.

Value: A$12-A$25.


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Version: [Record label] Australian DVD video (all region, PAL).

DVD Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0.

Album length: 90 minutes, 58 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: +8.07dB (2008).

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Liner Notes

Human Frailty

Hunters & Collectors formed in Melbourne in 1981, in the post-punk Melbourne scene surrounding the Crystal Ballroom. The group was an immediate success and they soon migrated to London. However, the core of the band believed that their future was in Australia and they returned.

The Hunters & Collectors breakthrough came in 1986 with the album Human Frailty. The album began with the writing of “Throw Your Arms Around Me”, their most personal and romantic song.

The film reveals the way that Hunters & Collectors developed their unique sound. We investigate the internal issues in the Hunters & Collectors that make them unique. We look at the personal politics the romantic relationships and discover who said “You don’t make me feel like I’m a woman anymore.”

Mushroom Pictures, Screen Australia and SBS TV & Online Australia present
‘Great Australian Albums’
Written by Toby Creswell
Director of Photography Simon Chapman
Editor Antoinette Ford
Sound Design by Andrew Plain, Megan Wedge & Greg Fitzgerald
Production Manager Anna Wood
Executive Producers Martin Fabinyi & Michael Gudinski
SBS Commissioning Editor Margaret Murphy
Produced by Toby Creswell & Danielle Kelly
Directed by Larry Meltzer
Participants John Archer, Andrew Cox, Paul Dempsey, Doug Falconer, Stephanie Falconer, Arnold Frolows, Michael Gudinski, Richard Lowenstein, Jack Howard, Robert Miles, Greg Perano, Michael Roberts, Mark Seymour, Jeremy Smith, Julie Stone and Michael Waters
(c) 2008 Screen Australia and Mushroom Pictures Pty Limited

Aspect Ratio
Anamorphic widescreen 16:9

Dolby Digital English 2.0



Disc Format
Feature Length: 52 min
Pal format, colour

DVD Video

Madman Television

Warning: This DVD is protected by law in Australia and New Zealand. Any unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, or public performance of this DVD is illegal. Authorised for private home use only. ‘Dolby’ and the double-d symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Recommended for mature audiences