Aussie rockers have their Day

Article on Hunters A Day on the Green gig at Mudgee.

Author:  Sam Potts, Mudgee Guardian.

Date: 10 March 2014.

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Mark Seymour of Hunters and Collectors on stage at A Day On The Green. Photo by Ruth Egan Mark Seymour of Hunters and Collectors on stage at A Day On The Green. Photo by Ruth Egan

March isn’t the usual time for Mudgee’s A Day on the Green concert but fans were willing to make an exception to see Hunters & Collectors lead the lineup at Mudgee’s Robert Oatley Vineyards on Saturday.

“We had a really great show,” said promoter Michael Newton, who spent the weekend in Mudgee.

The day drew an audience of close to 4000, including a wide spectrum of ages, and locals mingling with fans who had made the trek to the region for the show.

The iffy weather of last week stepped aside for the weekend as the sun shone on the thousands in attendance.

British India kicked off the day’s proceedings, followed by Diesel who rolled off hit after hit of Australian radio staples, before Something For Kate’s alternative rock sound added a different vibe.

The sun had set before headliners Hunters & Collectors hit the stage to thunderous applause and delivered all of their classics.

Saturday was the second Mudgee A Day On The Green concert in the space of five months.

It’s been said that this is Hunters & Collectors’ last tour, in which case Mudgee got its opportunity to farewell one of Australian rock’s biggest names.

“The bands really dug it – they were all commenting what a nice place it was,” Mr Newton said.

“They all thought it was the nicest winery they’d played at.”

He said one of the highlights of the day was seeing the audience get excited about young band British India, and Hunters & Collectors closing the night with The Slab.

“It’s just great to see people having a great time, watching original Australian music and getting into it,” he said.

The next A Day on the Green will return to its customary position in October, and Mr Newton said he had already been talking to a few acts that might be part of the lineup.