Hunters and Collectors – I-Tunes Essentials

iTunes Essentials (cover)

iTunes Essentials (cover)


Hunters and Collectors compilations put together by online digital music retailer I-Tunes.

Released In: [Australia / NZ].

Release Date: 24 October 2006.

Australian Chart Position: [Did Not Enter].

Availability: Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

Value: A$50-A$60.



Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Liberation Records Australian ‘The Basics’ download.

Total album length: 102 minutes, 28 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: N/A.

  1. Holy Grail 
  2. Throw Your Arms Around Me (1986) 
  3. Say Goodbye 
  4. Do You See What I See? 
  5. When The River Runs Dry 
  6. Blind Eye 
  7. True Tears Of Joy 
  8. Betty’s Worry or The Slab 
  9. Is There Anybody In There? 
  10. Still Hanging ‘Round 
  11. Where Do You Go? 
  12. Back On The Breadline 
  13. Head Above Water 
  14. Back In The Hole 
  15. Talking To A Stranger 
  16. We The People 
  17. Easy 
  18. Everything’s On Fire 
  19. Drop In The Ocean 
  20. January Rain 
  21. Know Your Product
  22. Carry Me 
  23. Suit Your Style 
  24. The Way You Live 
  25. Living Daylight


Version: Liberation Records Australian ‘Next Steps’ download.

Total album length: 109 minutes, 6 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: N/A.

  1. Love All Over Again 
  2. Panic In The Shade
  3. Debris 
  4. Imaginary Girl 
  5. True Believers 
  6. 42 Wheels
  7. Stuck On You
  8. Higher Plane 
  9. Loinclothing
  10. Judas Sheep 
  11. Ghost Nation 
  12. The One & Only You 
  13. Angel Of Mercy
  14. Give Me A Reason
  15. It’s Early Days Yet
  16. Sway 
  17. Wasted In The Sun 
  18. Inside A Fireball 
  19. World of Stone 
  20. The Way To Go Out 
  21. Relief
  22. Something To Believe In
  23. Lazy Summer Day
  24. Hear No Evil 
  25. Mr. Bigmouth


Version: Liberation Records Australian ‘Deep Cuts’ download.

Total album length: 109 minutes, 57 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: N/A.

  1. Those Days Are Gone
  2. Running Water
  3. Courtship Of America
  4. Grindstone
  5. What’s A Few Men? 
  6. I Believe
  7. When The Truth Comes Calling
  8. Long Way To The Water
  9. Watcher
  10. This Morning 
  11. Crime Of Passion
  12. Ladykiller
  13. Love That I Long For
  14. Under The Sun 
  15. I Couldn’t Give It To You 
  16. The Unbeliever 
  17. Human Kind
  18. 99th Home Position
  19. Gut Feeling
  20. Desert Where Her Heart Is
  21. Edge Of Nowhere 
  22. You Stole My Thunder
  23. Breakneck Road
  24. Skin Of Our Teeth 
  25. Wishing Well 


Original studio source of the songs on these compilation albums:




General comment.

There is little motivation to buy these compilations. As at the time of writing, the cost of A$42.25 for each 25 track set is expensive. Not only that, but for your money, you get a lossy (less than CD quality) recording that you can only use in limited ways due to digital rights management (DRM). You are far better off picking up the CD’s.

– Stuart Fenech


Liner Notes

No liner notes – digital only.