Hunters and Collectors – Juggernaut

Juggernaut (cover)

Juggernaut (cover)


Hunters and Collectors final album, a completely new set of songs released instead of a ‘best of’ to commemorate the end of the band in 1998. Includes the single “Suit Your Style” and a fairly commercial pop sound.

Released in: [Australia / NZ]

Release Date: 26 January 1998. Reissue: 11 August 2003.

Australian Chart Position: #36 (ARIA) / #30 (AMR).

Availability: Extremely common. Available new in CD and digital forms.

Value: A$7-A$22.



Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Mushroom and Liberation Records Australian one CD album.

Album length: 51 minutes, 10 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -9.60dB (1998); -9.60dB (2003/2008).

  1. True Believers 
  2. Higher Plane 
  3. When You Fall 
  4. Wasted In The Sun 
  5. Suit Your Style 
  6. Titanic
  7. She’s Not Fooling Around
  8. Good Man Down
  9. Mother Hubbard
  10. Human Kind
  11. Those Days Are Gone 
  12. Long Way To The Water
  13. Bonus Track (sample of this song)





Liner Notes

Recorded: Sing Sing, Melbourne, Australia.

Production Engineer: Kalju Tonuma.

Mixed: Tim Whitten at Mirage Studio’s except ‘True Believers’ mixed by Mark Opitz and Kalju Tonuma at Sing Sing Studio’s and ‘Suit Your Style’ mixed by Mark Opitz and Stuart Day at Gotham Studios.

Produced by: Hunters and Collectors & Kalju Tonuma. Assisted by Will Burston and Stuart Day except ‘True Believers’ and ‘Suit Your Style’ produced by Mark Opitz.

Mastered by Steve Smart at EMI.

John Archer: Bass, backing vocals.

Doug Falconer: Drums, percussion, programming, backing vocals.

Jack Howard: Trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals.

Barry Palmer: Guitars.

Mark Seymour: Singer, grief…

Jeremy Smith: Guitars, french horn, keyboards, programming, backing vocals

Michael Waters: Trombone.

Robert Miles: Live sound, art/design.

Special Guests: Helen Mountford – cello. Kalju Tonuma – synthesiser.

Photography: Isama Sawa, Thanks also to Dutton’s, Richmond, for the trike, and to Sally Carr.

Management: Michael Roberts for Loud and Clear Management assisted by Petula Bier

P.O. Box 276 Albert Park, Victoria, Australia 3206 Fax: 61 3 9537 1371.


Special thanks to Sarah Pearson.

Crew: Rod Matheson, Ben Shapiro, Stan Armstrong, Cameron McKaige, Dave Wright, Wayne Bromley and Darren Bromley, and all the teams over many great years.

Special thanks to: Amanda Howard, Jodie Cousins, Stephanie Falconer, Laura Waters, Jo Vautier, Lee Watts, Sylvia Mackie, Meghan, Declan, Gideon, Harriet, Spencer, Flynn, Alexandra, Lilly, Greta, Sophia, Lachlan, Hannah, Eva, Louis……

All those at White records and Mushroom Records over the many years, including Michael Gudinski, Warren Costello, Simon B., Sue McAullay, Elle McKay, Rachel Boyce, Rachel Newman, Janet Dawes, Sonia Cox and Dean ‘action man’ McLachlan, ….

Lyrics by Mark Seymour except ‘Suit Your Style’ lyrics by Paul Kelly/Mark Seymour.

Music by Hunters & Collectors.

(P) (C) 1997 Human Frailty Pty Ltd.