Hunters and Collectors – Cut

Cut (cover)

Cut (cover)


Flawless 1992 album “Cut” is the most accessible Hunters and Collectors album they released. Featuring a massive six top 100 singles, the biggest hits were “Holy Grail”, “True Tears of Joy” and “Where Do You Go?”.

Released In: [Australia / NZ] [Canada].

Release Date: 6 October 1992. Remaster: 7 July 2003.

Australian Chart Position: #6 (ARIA) / #5 (AMR) (Double Platinum).

Availability: Extremely common. Available new in CD and digital form.

Value: A$6-A$22.

Front Cover:


Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Mushroom and Liberation Records Australian CD album (all releases identical). This is the version available new.

Album length: 49 minutes, 55 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -4.92dB (1992); -10.34dB (2003/2008).

  1. Head Above Water 
  2. Holy Grail 
  3. Grindstone
  4. True Tears Of Joy 
  5. We The People 
  6. Hear No Evil
  7. Edge Of Nowhere
  8. Love That I Long For
  9. Where Do You Go? 
  10. Imaginary Girl 
  11. Angel Of Mercy






Liner Notes

Hunters & Collectors


John Archer: Electric bass.

Doug Falconer: Drums, backing vocals, programming, percussion and loops.

Jack Howard: Trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals.

Barry Palmer: Lead guitar.

Mark Seymour: Lead vocal, guitars.

Jeremy Smith: French horn, keyboards, guitars, backing vocals.

Michael Waters: Trombone.

Robert Miles: Live sound, artwork and design.


H&C Crew: Andrew Chapman, Nereo Cherubin, Mich Laglar, Rod Matheson, Dugald McAndrew, Alex Saad, Alan Stone, Bill Surtees, Oggy Ward, Bob Welsh, Tim Whitten Esq.


Management: Michael Roberts and Sarah Pearson for Loud and Clear Management.


Produced by Don Gehman for Rhapsody Productions, Inc.

Associate Producer Rick Will.

Recorded at Festival Studio’s, Sydney and Platinum Studio, Melbourne.

Mixed as the Grey Room and Larrabee Sound Studio’s, Los Angeles.

Carved by Don and Rick, mixed by Rickster, assisted by Lori Fumar.


Produced by Nick Sansano and Hunters & Collectors.

Engineered by Nick Sansano and remixed by Rickster.


Lyrics: Mark Seymour.

Music: H&C.

Human Frailty / Mushroom Music.

Lyrics reproduced by permission.