Hunters and Collectors – The Fireman’s Curse

The Fireman's Curse (cover)

The Fireman’s Curse (cover)


Generally regretted-for-releasing second Hunters and Collectors album. Do not buy as your first Hunters & Collectors album!

Released In: [Australia / NZ]. [Europe]

Release Date: 6 September 1983. CD Reissue: July 1991. Remaster: 11 August 2003.

Australian Chart Position: #77 (AMR) (Gold).

Availability: Extremely common. Available new in CD and digital forms.

Value: A$4-A$22.


Track Listing(s)


 Highly recommended track.
 Commercial single.
 Promotional single.


Version: Mushroom and Liberation Records Australian CD album (LP versions have different track order).

Album length: 40 minutes, 4 seconds.

ReplayGain loudness: -3.35dB (1991); -10.04dB (2003/2008).

  1. Prologue
  2. Curse 
  3. Fish Roar
  4. Blind Snake Sundae 
  5. Mr. Right
  6. Sway 
  7. Judas Sheep 
  8. Eggheart
  9. Drinking Bomb
  10. Epilogue






Liner Notes



John Archer

Geoff Crosby

Doug Falconer

Martin Lubran

Robert Miles

Greg Perano

Mark Seymour

Michael Waters


Horns Of Contempt

Jack Howard

Jeremy Smith


Lyrics, music, artwork, management by H&C.

Recorded and mixed at Conny’s Studio, Neunkirchen, West Germany, 1983.

Produced by Conny Plank and H&C.

Publishing: Human Frailty / Mushroom Music.