Mark Seymour – The Stars of Antarctica


Version Length Source Availability
Live  N/A Performed live in the theatre performance Dust from 2008. Unreleased

 Recommended Version.



An unreleased song performed in the theatre performance Dust, written and directed by Donna Jackson, from 2008.



I have heard the crack of thunder
I have seen the southern lights
I wandered through the wilderness
The endless starry nights
The colours of Antarctica
The brown the blue and white
I have felt the sting of the icy wind
Blowing in the dead of night
I was thirsty for adventure
I was bullet proof and young
Don’t you know I’m still yearning for the ever changing sun
And though the light is fading
Such stories I can tell
For I can still see the stars of Antarctica

Oh the trials of mother nature
She’s a cruel and hungry thing
If your looking for adventure boy
Beware what she can bring
She will offer up her riches
Such beauty to be found
Beware of all the bitter fruit
That’s buried in the ground

She can leave you wasted
She can strike you down
When you’re standing tall at the peak of life
Tremble when you hear that sound
The ice is crackin’ and the crevasse opens wide
I can still hear the sounds of Antarctica
One day the ice will settle
On that long forgotten land
They say there are secret places there
Untouched by human hand
If you dare to venture forth
Believing you’re forever young
Beware what lies beneath the ice
That’s meltin’ in the midnight sun
And though the light is fadin’
The dark is closing in
Loved ones have gathered ‘round me now
Listen to the children sing
Hold on to that vision
She’s a brave and precious thing
I can still see the stars of Antarctica