Mark Seymour – Fibrolite


Version Length Source Availability
Live  N/A Performed live in the theatre performance Dust from 2008. Unreleased

 Recommended Version.



An unreleased song performed in the theatre performance Dust, written and directed by Donna Jackson, from 2008.



You know we’re building a dream
The kids are all excited
On sundays we go driving by
In 3 short months
They said that we could move in
The whole place has really gone ahead

You know the builder recommended it
Said it’s cheaper and its clean
The whole thing’s taken no time at all
With Hardie’s fibrolite

The sky was so blue on the day that we moved in
A soft breeze was blowin’ from the sea
As we drove out west all the pretty flags were flyin
What a place to raise a family

Back in 1951 we really had it made
All our hopes and dreams were on display
In Hardie’s fibrolite

Now we’re thinking of the future
Who knows what you will find
No one knows what’s comin ‘round the corner
One of nature’s little miracles thy dug out of the ground
Life ahs a way of playin’ tricks on you

The builder recommended it
Said it’s cheap and it’s clean
The whole thing’s taken no time at all