Spinners rev up for ACT centenary show

An article about Mark’s upcoming performance in Canberra with ‘The Petrosexuals’.

Author:  Katina Curtis, AAP.

Date: 17 October 2013.

Original URL: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/spinners-rev-up-for-act-centenary-show/story-fn3dxiwe-1226741413651


Article Text

SPIN plus Canberra equals politics – it’s simple maths.

But on Saturday “spin” will add up to cars, roller skates and a Volkswagen dress.

It’s the chequered flag for a month-long celebration of everything that spins, part of the national capital’s centenary celebration.

Mark Seymour will rev up the crowd with the Petrolsexuals (the temporary new name for his regular backing band The Undertow) in a night of music celebrating the humble automobile.

“Human beings have a very strong kinship to the car,” he tells AAP.

“I think in the modern era, cars became part of the vernacular of escape – the road story – and families relate to cars, they’re sort of an extension of the family home.”

The former Hunters and Collectors frontman plans a show’n’shine of his own relationship with cars, Top Gear-style, including his “forgettable” first vehicle: a hopelessly underpowered green Torana with a gearbox that “kind of didn’t work properly”.

“But I borrowed it from my sister so you’ve got to forgive me for that,” he says.

For those looking for a different speed, there’s a burlesque show with costumes made by local fashion designers using car parts.

Suzan Dlouhy, of label SZN, spent months scrounging in wreckers and the recycled shop at the tip looking for the perfect lights, tyres and electrical cables for her designs.

One dress uses all the lights and fittings from a Volkswagen Beetle while another is styled like vintage seat upholstery.

“I couldn’t bring myself to cut up a vintage car seat,” Dlouhy told AAP.

“I felt bad, so I ended up buying fresh vinyl and simulating that style.”

The show’s choreographer worked around the costumes to come up with a burlesque that commemorates Canberra’s history – as much as possible.

“One of the costumes, in the first dress rehearsal, it slid right off so I had to adjust the costume slightly to fit the dance,” Dlouhy said.

SPIN Saturday also features a demonstration bout from the Canberra Roller Derby League and a trapeze show.

* SPIN Saturday is on October 19 with the evening show starting at 5pm AEDT. Details online at www.canberra100.com.au.