Live at Selina’s 1985

Gig review of a concert at Selina’s, Sydney. Hunters & Collectors headlined – supported by Paul Kelly and Do.Re.Mi.

Author: Mark Mordue, RAM.

Date: 28 August 1985 (gig: 2/3 August 1985).

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Are you still a believer? That’s the big question hanging over all those involved with the corrupt, sexist, mass-produced sludge-bag of cliches called rock ‘n’ roll. A question of belief made all the more signification by its very lack of integrity, passion and direction; a question of belief in what might be left and what could be possible.

After much anticipation, Hunters & Collectors arrive, large as life and ready to make themselves and the audience sweat. And how they do! I think by now it’s common knowledge for everyone but elitist snobs that Hunters & Collectors are better than they’ve ever been, rawer, more relaxed, brutally intimate, a sprawling ritual of suburban anguish and release – a big, brooding, Australian celebration. They just don’t make bands better than this. Of course the crowd loves them and they love the crowd, and it’s really all too fabulous to be described believably or deconstructed dispassionately.

The night had started off well with Paul Kelly, got more impressive with Do.Re.Mi., then spiralled wildly right through the roof with Hunters & Collectors. Though I’m, sick of reading how they used to be full of arty shit and now they’re free (there’s nothing in their history they need to be ashamed of, so why downgrade it?), you can’t deny it’s a band that has exorcised its demons and now does the same for its audience.

When Mark Seymour sings Ray Charles’ I Believe, he does it a rare service white singers rarely achieve with black classics. Seymour is the biggest believer of all, his band something to be proud of, masters of an Australian sound and ritual made of beer, blood bad dreams and hope. You better believe it.



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