Hunters and Collectors/Sydney

Positive Human Frailty era Sydney gig review.

Author: Ross Barnett, unknown publication..

Date: ~July 1986 (gig: 28 June 1986).

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It’s funny what a hit single can do for the fortunes of a band. Take the Hunnas (as they’re affectionately known by their fans), for example. Two years ago they played to crowds barely larger than a couple of Aussie Rules teams put together and now, on a freezing Saturday night, they were packing out one of Sydney’s largest venues.

And all this without making any concessions to passing fashions. Lead singer Mark Seymour is decked out in a black T-shirt and jeans. The rest of the band look equally casual and despite coming from Melbourne there isn’t a trendy haircut between them!

So what have the Hunnas got going for them? Maybe it’s the music! From the time they came on at 12:30am (a late night, eh fellas?), till they finished an hour and three quarters later, they had everyone at Selina’s a hoppin’ and boppin’ to each note they played.

And what does it matter that every second song seems to have the same bass guitar line as the one before, only played in reverse order? Well, the crowd didn’t seem to mind and of course, with the band’s horn players popping on and off stage all night, there was always going to be a bit of variety to the show.

Songs like “Throw Your Arms Around Me” (their latest single), “The Way To Go Out” and “Betty’s Worry Or The Slab” were some of the high points. And when it came to finishing the set off with an obligatory version of “Say Goodbye”, everyone in the audience took the opportunity to sing along.

But although the band had stomped off stage, there was no way this Hunnas-hungry crowd was going to let them get away without at least one or two (or maybe five) encores. So back came the band to loud cheers, Mark Seymour all bulging biceps and dripping brow, while the other lads prowled around in the background.

They snapped and snarled their way through another give songs (including a whizzo version of “I Believe”) and departed, leaving us all feeling a mite tired but certainly satisfied.

(Picture) “Say goodbye…” Ooh, rock ‘n’ roll is a sweaty business, isn’t it?