Club Soda Live Review

Positive review of a Canadian Human Frailty era gig.

Author: Dave Watson, Georgia Straight.

Date: 7-14 November 1986 (gig: 30 October 1986).

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It was a night for bass players to remember. Thursday (October 30) brought one of Australia’s better bands to Club Soda, Hunters and Collectors. The show as opened by Family Plot, a local group known for their two-bass no-guitar lineup. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite click with their performance, and the graveyard atmosphere they need to come across well never materialised.

On the other hand, Hunters and Collectors put a fine, driving and emotional show on the stage, one that had the crowd entranced. The sound was very good – in fact the band considers their soundman Rob Miles a full member of the band. The lineup can vary from lead singer/guitarist Mark Seymour, bass player John Archer and the drummer, up to a full six-piece with trumpets, and other horns, all depending on the mood the boys are in.

Most of the near-capacity crowd were obviously fans of the band, yelling out favourite song titles, and generally showing much enthusiasm. Hunters and Collectors work hard at entertainment, and have paved their road to success by winning over audiences with their live performances. Look for them in the spring of ’87.