In A Spin At RPM

Brief article on Canadian Hunters gig.

Author: Toronto Sun.

Date: 23 May 1987 (gig: 21 May 1987).

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Article Text

Australia’s Hunters & Collectors were brash rabble-rousers at the nearly sold-out RPM Thursday night.

The head jeer-leader was singer-guitarist Mark Seymour, who led the group through a series of rough and tumble rock songs that combined southern boogie blues with punk posturing.

To add, and sometimes subtract, from the impact the band included a three-member horn section, which provided cabaret style r&b decorations.

But Seymour and company presented the best with the least when they played material from last year’s Human Frailty album and this years EP Living Daylight.

The fancier stuff over-dramatized Seymour’s already dramatic musical statements.