Barfly Mark Seymour Review

Cairn’s online entertainment magazine “Barfly” talks about Mark Seymour, post gig.

Author: Eva Roberts, Barfly magazine.

Date: Early May 2002.

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Courthouse Hotel, May 5

Partway into Mark Seymour’s Cairns concert it started to rain, just as he launched into the popular Hunters & Collectors hit, Throw Your Arms Around Me. It didn’t deter the crowd of approximately 1200 people who continued to either dance under the rain, or stay positioned in their prime outdoor seats.

There are not many bands or performers who could uphold an entire concert with just two acoustic guitars and vocals. Mark Seymour is clearly one of them. With accompaniment on the guitar and backing vocals, Seymour proceeded to woo the crowd with his hauntingly raw vocals and touching lyrics.

Seymour, whose One Eyed Man album was released in February, sang a selection of his new songs, including the single Don’t You Know Me? and other tracks such as Ready to Go, See You Around and On My Way Home. He expressed his gratitude to radio station Sea FM for their continued support of his music when other stations tended to ignore his efforts. He also played some key tunes from his first solo effort, King Without A Clue, including Last Ditch Cabaret, Home Again and The Ghost of Vainglory. Not to mention a couple of classic Hunters & Collectors songs, Throw Your Arms Around Me and Holy Grail, which brought the crowd to their feet.

– Eva Roberts