Mark Seymour Live: 30 November 2002

An informal review of Mark Seymour’s 30 November 2002 gig at the Bridge Hotel, Rozelle (near Sydney).

Author: Miriam Norman.

Date: 4 Dec. 2002.


Article Text

Missed Mark at Manly but got him at Rozelle. I was expecting him and Rod and maybe a couple of new songs. But he did most of the show by himself and Andrew Carswell came and joined him with mandolin and tin flute. It was brilliant! The best I’ve seen him in ages. He said he was sick but he seemed even better than usual!

Standing down the front talking to regular Mark gig attenders, I was wondering what Mark was going to come up with tonight. I was surprised to see Mark come out on stage alone as I was expecting Rod to be there as per usual. He launched into “In the Kitchen of a Perfect Home”. He sang it in a uniquely poignant, haunting and emotionally intense style that few besides Mark can attain. His voice was mellow and rich and the next hour and a half became one of the best solo performances I’ve attended.

I say “solo” but on some songs Mark was joined on stage by Andrew Carsell (“the heart and soul of My Friend The Chocolate Cake”) playing mandolin or tin whistle.

A surprise addition to the set was the Hunna’s “What’s A Few Men?”. Included at a time, as Mark said, when Australia is poised on the brink of a foreign conflict.

Along with the excellently rendered usual numbers were two new songs: “Is There Anyone Left Alive” and “Shoulder To Cry On”….I need more that one listen to Mark’s songs to properly assimilate the emotion and layers to them!

All in all a brilliant performance with the haunting addition of tin whistle on “Eye of the Needle” and “Parting Glass” being the highlights.

Memorable quotes:

  • “I don’t do happy songs, I’m not capable of it” (audience laughs) “what are you laughing at?”
  • (On Throw Your Arms Around Me) “This is the closest to happy that I get”
  • “If they played my songs on the radio I could employ someone to do this” (tune guitar)



Set List

  1. In The Kitchen of a Perfect Home
  2. Long Way Down
  3. Strange Little Town
  4. Richard Cory
  5. What’s A Few Men? (new to acoustic gigs)
  6. Is There Anyone Left Alive? (new)
  7. Paradise Down Under
  8. Last Ditch Cabaret
  9. Ghost of Vainglory
  10. The Ballad of the One Eyed Man
  11. Sad Songs
  12. Throw Your Arms Around Me
  13. Lorelei
  14. Shoulder to Cry On (new)
  15. Home Again
  16. Made Man
  17. On My Way Home
  18. Ready To Go
  19. Holy Grail
  20. Eye Of The Needle
  21. Parting Glass

Most notable here is the return of “In The Kitchen of a Perfect Home” and “Ready To Go”, loss of “Try Not To Try” and inclusion of two brand new songs.


Miriam Gravino