Mark Seymour @ The Reverb

Live review of a 2005 Mark Seymour solo gig in Canada.

Author: staff.

Date: 4 March 2005.

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Article Text

Band: Mark Seymour
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Venue: Reverb
Date: March 4, 2005
Reporter: Shannon Whibbs
Background/Composition Former lead singer for Hunters And Collectors does a solo acoustic turn.

Grade: 74

Comment: Seymour has entered his adult-contemporary stage pretty gracefully with a collection of tunes that, while sometimes on the gentle side, still showcase his powerful voice that’s characterized by a gritty upper register. A little heavy on the ballads near the end, and the set ran too long.

Achievement of Rock ‘n’ Roll Expectations
80-100: Exceeds skill and knowledge expectations, i.e. rocked us so hard we peed our pants.
70-79: Achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock ‘n’ roll standard.
60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock ‘n’ roll standard.
50-59: Demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.
00-50: Has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.

Learning Skills: E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N=Sad Really

Oral And Visual Communication

Eye Contact: E
Pronounciation: E
Stage Presence: E
Stage Banter: E
Image: S
Appearance: S
Use Of Stage: S

Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step: Seymour is a seasoned veteran of the musical stage, cracking wryly, “It’s good to be home” before launching into the first tune. He seemed genuinely surprised by the number of people familiar with his solo work and this may have led to his overextended time on stage. Two encores was a bit ridiculous.

Musical Analysis

Level Of Participation: E
Problem Solving: G
Teamwork: G
Work Habits: E
Organization: S
Audience Participation: E
Sound: E
Composition: E
Songs: G

Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step: Seymour kept things interesting throughout the majority of the set with a varied setlist and powerful guitar playing to back up his incredible vocals. He included a cover of The Pogues’ Lorelei and two popular Hunters And Collectors tunes, Holy Grail and Throw Your Arms Around Me. There is a strong folk sensibility to his music and lyrics.


Other Skills And Areas Of Interest

Charisma: G
Problem Solving: G
Teamwork: G
Sexiness: S
Haircut: S
Indie Rock Footwear: N
Nods To Disposible Fashion: N
Cool Equipment: S
Level Of Inebriation: S
Actual Ability: E

Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step: The strength and grit of Seymour’s pipes will keep him out of adult-contempo territory and if he gets the distribution he wants, he’ll probably break out of the “cult favourite” category he’s in and become a viable presence in North America.



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